Fear Cage/Phantasy Friday

I’m back on a paranormal kick! Our paranormal investigation group has some really interesting cases coming up, so I thought I’d share another investigative technique with you.

I always try to reiterate legitimate paranormal investigators are first and foremost debunkers. It’s never a case of blind acceptance of evidence. We go at any suspected paranormal activity every way we can to disprove it. And usually we do. Disprove it, that is. For only approximately 2% of all documentable evidence can we not find a physical reason for its occurence. That means we suffer a lot of disappointment, a lot of self defeat. But when we can’t disprove something after subjecting it to every conceivable test  . . .  that’s when the hundreds upon hundreds of work hours invested become worthwhile!

Paranormal investigation is slowly being aided by the realm of science in the form of technical tools, and with these tools is gaining credibility. When people come at me with disparagement, I remind them of Ptolemy and Galileo. Ptolemy was the mathematician who first put forth the theory of the galaxy and rotation of the planets in set orbits around a single celestial body.  Brilliant fellow, Ptolemy. And he almost had it right.

But when Galileo had the nerve to suggest our galaxy revolved around the sun, rather than the planets revolving around our Earth as Ptolemy’s theory set forth (We sure are a self-important bunch, aren’t we?), poor ol’ Galileo was imprisoned by the Church for heresy.  Had to be rough on the old boy to serve prison time for being right, while publicly labeled a non-believer and heretic by the Pope. Now I would never in a million years compare myself to Galileo. I only wish I had his mental capacity. But if such a misunderstanding could happen with someone like him, it could happen in other situations. All I ask is that you keep an open mind. Knowledge increases every day; even if it makes us uncomfortable at first.

One of these tools is an EMF detector, a hand-held device that accurately measures electrical flux in the environment, called Electro Magnetic Fields. We sweep for and log static (constant) EMF’s we find. Only randomly occurring or wildly spiking EMF’s are attributed to paranormal activity. To scientifically explain the effect EMF’s can cause with the neurons of the brain would take too long here, so suffice it to say there are certain people who are extremely susceptible to electro magnetic fields. When most reported paranormal activity repeatedly occurs in a single specific spot, we have to consider the possibility we’re dealing with someone susceptible to these fields.

You see, in a minute number of individuals, even mild EMF’s can actually trigger brain activity, producing visual and audio hallucinations. (In fairness, I’d like to point out there have actually been EMF’s strong enough to produce mass hallucination, such as those on a ranch in Arizona.)

And these fields can be created by many things. Innocent seeming things. If someone experiences unsettling sights and sounds only in bed, we meticulously examine that environment before going further. It’s possible for the bedside electric alarm clock on one table, CD player on the other side of the bed, and ceiling fan overhead to produce a distinct triangular electro magnetic field. The person in the bed is in the middle. When this particular type of static field occurs, since the person is literally “caged” by the electrical influence and it produces frightening hallucinations, it’s referred to as a Fear Cage.

Most of you know my house is haunted. We’ve lived with activity for years.  And it’s random enough to exclude the “Fear Cage” theory. We’ve also caught EVP’s (ghostly voices) on tape. A few days ago one of my “guests” made herself known to my grandson in a very audible way. We were in the kitchen when a girl’s voice neither of us recognized clearly said a quick, cheery “Hello, hello!” My grandson’s eyes got huge and he asked “Mawmaw! Did you hear that?”

We checked outside immediately for a physical visitor, then searched the house. We were the only two here. He was understandably bothered by it. So I took the time to explain the Bible tells us there are worlds. Worlds, in the plural. That maybe, just maybe, like listening to a particular radio station when another station bleeds over it, there are worlds we’re unaware of that bleed over one another from time to time. He settled down after thinking about that.

Is their another ghostly world around us? I investigate because I want to find out. All I know for sure is I’ll never consciously try to drag God down to my pitiful level of understanding. Learned that lesson from Ptolemy and Galileo. I strongly believe God gives us knowledge as we’re ready for it. He says we’re to seek Him out in all things.

I’m seeking. And if I’m ready for it, I’m open to Him showing me what He wants me to know.

9 Responses

  1. Fear Cage/Phantasy Friday…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  2. Interestingly enough, #2 son and I had a conversation last night about how he sometimes thinks he sees people either in his room or in the hallway and he attributes it to all the electronics in his room- he even called it an electro magnetic hallucination. Funny how we were on the same “wave length” so to speak.

    Another great post. Love me some Galileo. Brainiac that he was- he’s a particular hero of this Mensa chica.

    • Should we cue ‘Twilight Zone’ theme song? lol

      Interestingly enough, there is a new piece of equipment coming out that pushes energy into an area. We’ve had several cell phones (four of us were working an area side by side), cameras, EMF detectors, flashlights and video camera batteries all bleed dead within seconds–simultaneously. Many investigators believe ghosts or spirits need that energy to manifest and that’s why this happens. This new equipment provides the energy to do so.

      • Def. cue the music. LOL!

        The new thing sounds like something that will help a lot in the investigations. Cindy Eden and I are heading to the Pensacola lighthouse in a little bit. Wish you could’ve come with.

  3. Really cool post. Runere!! Is it true that the children perceive events differently or are more sensitive? RitaVF


    • Thanks, Cuz! Appreciate the response! I love to share, and if you want to check out some of the other paranormal blogs here just click on Runere in left hand column on the home page! Hopefully you’ll find something else interesting!

  5. Absolutely, Rita. Hence all the ‘imaginary friends’ children report. Like anything else in our lives, we’re conditioned to tune out what’s not ‘acceptable’.

    It’s been suggested that sensitives, children and artists have similar brain patterns– and EEG’s show that like children, artists continue to ‘see’ things in predonimantly elementary colors, as demonstrated by the activity in the receptor areas of the brain. That has always fascinated me!

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