Wish you were here….Tudors style

I had this halfway prepared when wonderful Cox cable decided I really didn’t need internet for the day. So please excuse the short and late post as I sit in Ruby Tuesdays and get this done before Sunday ends.

Leeds Castle

I wasn’t sure where to go for today’s feature so I took my inspiration from yesterday’s badurday boy and the history he represents. As far as the series, I have only caught bits of the show here and there so I am no expert on it and there is a reason I don’t write historical (not interested in getting all the facts right). But I do write fantasy/paranormal, and there are plenty of places from the Tudor era that can give ideas for a beautiful love scene setting.

Hever Castle

King Henry and Anne Boleyn in The Tudors

Hever Castle  in Kent was once the home of the Boleyns and then later was given to another of Henry’s wives, Anne of Cleeves (Cleves)  as part of a divorce settlement.  It was originally built in the 13th century as a county house.

King Henry and Anne of Cleeves in The Tudors

It was also once owned and remodeled by William Waldorf Astor, cousin to the Astor of the Titanic fame. He also claimed the castle was haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn. However, her ghost seems to be quite the traveler, also reported to appear the place of her execution Blickling Hall. Either castle would be an exquisite setting for a period romance or contemporary ghost romance.

Blickling Hall

Pendennis Castle at night

Pendennis Castle

Another beautiful castle is Pendennis Castle built by Henry VIII. Compared to many more regal estates, it might seem rather simple, but built to defend against invasion instead of decoration it would be easy to imagine a wonderful affair with a simple servant girl and a royal guard or one of the kings soldiers. She might turn out to be the kidnapped daughter of another monarch and when her real identity is learned the two marry and rule a faraway kingdom in peace and harmony.

Wedding at Pendennis Castle

Or just a wonderful wedding ending to a contemporary romance.

The showtime series has taken liberties with timelines in the life of King Henry VIII, but to squeeze all those marriages and affairs into a few seasons they had to fudge a little. Even the creator/writer said he was “commissioned to write an entertainment, a soap opera, and not history”.  Although I am sure Mr. Rhys Myers will be just as hot in his forties as he does now.

Lambeth Palace where Catherine Howard grew up

So, for my fellow sizzlers and all others who love the “English Gentleman” (you know who you are).  Wish you were here…

Water maze at Hever CastleHever Castle garden

5 Responses

  1. Wish I WAS there. Am an anglophile all the way. Love all the castles and the gardens, etc. Great choices, Esp Leeds castle. And yes, the tv series was not historically accurate but that is ok too. Lovely people, lovely scenery. Just fun. Henry VIII didn’t like Anne of Cleves because he thought she was ugly- that actress is so not ugly. LOL! AND I’m glad you got to post- bummer about Cox- you know they’ll still want their money!

    Love it, girl.

  2. Yeah, poor Anne of Cleves was Flemish, so he called her his “Flanders Mare.” And not in the sense that Francois used when he talked about “riding” Mary Boleyn.
    I think I was meant to live at Hever – not the biggest or plushest castle, but something about it has always called to me. Can just see myself in period dress with a guy who looks strangely like C Firth dashing about in his boots and cravat — or out of them.
    Excellent post, chica!!!

  3. I’m glad you guys liked it. Yes, would that I be as cursed as to be as UGLY as the lovely and talented Joss Stone.
    And I could see the unclothed C Firth and romancemama frolicing around the water maze…ahhh such is life.

  4. Outstanding post!! The Tudors knew how to build and had the resources to do it. In 1538 they had seized the properties and raided the coffers of the Catholic Church which at that time owned about 1/3 of the land in Engand. THe result? Your showcase today. RitaVF

  5. What stirring castles, Lizbeth! They all carry an air of intrigue–and romance. It’s hard to believe a place as splendid as Hever Castle being considered a country house. A different era entirely.

    Beautiful post, Lizbeth. Whoa! That was close! Walked out of a room without peeking first, and C. Firth nearly took me out chasing Ro’mama down the hallway! Doesn’t she look fetching holding the skirts of her period attire up high enough to sprint daintily while clutching that jeweled goblet of wine? Pinot grigio, of course!

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