Badurday- June 26, 2010- The Tudors Edition

In honor of the end of The Tudors series, I have chosen our Bad-urday boy this week to be Jonathan Rhys Meyers.  Now, I actually chose him a couple of weeks ago when I was watching Bend it like Beckham where he plays Joe, the girls’ soccer coach but he got bumped first by Billy Burke and then by Frank Sinatra when I was in New York.  But it worked out all right as here we are with the end of the series and we have our King Henry VIII.  AND it is World Cup month and he was in a soccer movie, so it worked out there, too.  Our bad boy also played the assassin of Michael Collins in the film of the same name with Liam Neeson and Alan Rickman. Love that movie.  He was in August Rush, which is a cool little movie.  He wasn’t a bad boy in it but he was sexy as hell. Have not seen Loss of Sexual Innocence which he is in- may have to rent that one.  And for the breeches crowd, he was in Vanity Fair as well.

Henry VIII was the baddest boy ever.  In real life, he was an ogre but he was very handsome in his early years. 

Here are some more great shots: Remember the old song by Eartha Kitt “C’mon a my house?”  C’mon, man, c’mon!

9 Responses

  1. Are you sure Eartha Kitt wasn’t a little psychic and singing to Jonathan in the future? Hmmmm? If she wasn’t; she could have been!

    And how did that girls soccer team keep from tripping over each other on the field? CERTAINLY their eyes kept going to the sideline far too often for safety.

    Such a lovely choice, sfcatty! Such a lovely choice!

    Love his movies. He’s just so easy on the eye!

    • YEP! Eartha was dreaming of this guy!
      AND the soccer girls did get in trouble- one of the big plot points was the rivalry between 2 of them that “fancied” him!

      Glad you approve the choice-

  2. Gorgeous! Can’t imagine him as Henry. But then, Henry was young once and a poet and a singer. Unfortunately, Henry was a victim of his own success–there was no one to “nay say” him. Great post, sfcatty and congrats on your request for a full. RitaVF

    • yea. He was a spoiled man, He was a great poet- you know he wrote “Greensleeves”, right?

      Thanks on the congrats. Not sure what I am gonna do there.

  3. Yep, that’s what we needed! A perfect choice. I really liked the casting of Henry as a dead-sexy stud muffin — they do say he really was quite hawt in his youth. (ah, weren’t we all?) Of course, saying he wasn’t could land you in the Tower, so the history books may be slanted. But either way, THE TUDORS was impressively laden with eye-candy.
    And I echo RVF’s congrats on the request!

    • I think I believe he was hot as a young man because it was said BEFORE he was the heir. His older brother that died was much more feminine than Henry and much was made of Henry’s handsomeness when his father was still on the throne. Otherwise, I’d have to say you are prob right.
      Thanks for the echo on the congrats!

  4. It’s funny that upon looking at some paintings of Henry VIII, he sure doesn’t strike me as handsome at all. Nothing like J.Rhys Meyers! However, I’ve also read how handsome Henry was. He may have been considered so because of his charm – you know how that tends to make people more attractive.

    • Had to respond because Henry will be one of my Heroic Hunks in coming weeks. Henry took after his mother’s side of the family. He was a grandson of the gorgeous Elizabath Woodville and handsome King Edward IV who was the source of the red and red-gold hair of the Tudors (except for Mary). Edward was several inches over six feet and was renowned for his many affairs. Henry was his grandfather’s grandson. in looks and love life. Unfortunately, both were prone to excessive fat in later life, when we see most of their portraits. RitaVF

    • Gina- thanks for visitng. And yes, Henry was quite handsome in his early days.

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