Wish you were here…First love

First professional picture as a couple while still in high school

Today’s post will be a little different from my original idea. When trying to put together something for this week, I was distracted by events in my life and it suddenly occurred to me that finding a scene for inspiration does not necessarily have to be a place on a map. Inspiration for romance can be found just as easily in a place in life. So for today’s “wish you were here” I am paying tribute to the new event in my life by featuring something just about everyone can relate to. Your first love.

Jay's Graduation

Is there anyone who does not remember how intensely you fell in love for the first time?  For most of us, it was probably your high school sweetheart.

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have this relationship last past several months to a few years. My son was one of those fortunate to have his last for more than four years now. He met the young woman who was to become his wife his senior year. There were ups and downs as with any relationship, even more so when both are dealing with the other normal issues of growing up. However they stuck it out and found their way back to each other every time.

Family fun

The happy couple at their younger brother's graduation

First prom night

So two high school proms and a few semesters in college later, they decided it was time to make the jump from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. It was a chilly and rainy December day their wedding took place, but weather means little to two people determined to make a new life together.

Wedding ceremony

Less than a year after taking on the responsibility of marriage, they discovered their family was about to be a little larger. No, like most of these little surprises in life, it wasn’t planned. But once more, they accepted what life was providing for them. On June 14, 2010, after almost 48 hours of labor, these two high school sweethearts welcomed John Lawrence into the world.

Romance is all around us every day, sometimes we have to seek it out for inspiration. Other times a simple miracle opens our eyes to what was there all along. Therefore, today my choice for inspiration is the place in a person’s life that can only happen once, falling in love for the first time as well as the reward for one high school romance that means a lot to me. Wish you were here…

John Lawrence III


3 Responses

  1. This is beautiful, Lizbeth. The spark of first love burns so hot that it’s remembered forever, and for those few fortunate enough to bank that flame, the embers can ignite to warm them for a lifetime.

    Congratulations to the lucky pair, and congratulations to you, too, on the birth of John Lawrence!

    Isn’t love wonderful? It’s why we write about it, without it ever getting old.

  2. Congrats to the couple and to the new Grandmother! So glad it all went well. What an adorable little fellow he is. Looking forward to seeing him grow up.

    And yes, I remember my first love and how he broke my heart. The first cut is truly the deepest. I wish for these two, a long and happy marriage.

  3. What a lovely post!! Family is so important, esp on a special day. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads. RitaVf

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