Badurday June 19, 2010

First things first: I am guest blogging here  on Sunday, June 20, 2010. This is a great group blog of women writers and I recommend their blog for lots of great information. They have a travel section and that is where I am going to be discussing Pensacola, Fl. My hometown.  They also have a great archives section to check out. This is a great resource for writing as you can use the info for settings for your manuscripts. You could have your characters eat at a favorite restaurant and you can learn about different areas of town so that if you base your story in any of these places, you can lend an aura of realism to the scene.  I wrote my post a while back and can’t wait to see it so I can remember what I said. 

As some of you know, I have been in New York this week, so in honor of that, I have chosen the bad boy of the week to be a bad boy from Hoboken, New Jersey – we all know him as the quintessential New Yorker, though.  FRANK SINATRA.  Who doesn’t love Ole Blue Eyes? Who can forget his song New York, New York?  Makes me want to kick up my heels and dance. AND yes, I have woken up all week in the city that never sleeps. Trust me, it doesn’t.  I stayed by Madison Square Gardens and right by my hotel was Ladder 24 of the NYFD.  Let me tell you, they work all night and all day.  Sirens are even  going off as I type this. By the time you read this, I’ll be almost on my way home.  I’ve decided a whole week up here is too much for my feet. I think about five days is good. Now I need a week off to recover from my week off. 

Back to Frank.  Did you know he had been arrested? In 1938, he was 23 years old and was arrested in New Jersey on charges of seduction and adultery. (Surprised? Not me.)  Anyway, he was charged with having a sexual relationship, under the promise of marriage, with a young single lady of good repute. The charges were dropped when it was learned that she was married.  Here is the mug shot of our bad boy:   

Here are some other shots of Frank as a young man. He was handsome, wasn’t he? And he sure loved the ladies.

 Anyone know how many times he was married?  I’ll give away a signed Harlequin medical book to a random correct answer.   I have two of the books and I’ll let the winner choose the one she wants.


6 Responses

  1. Hope you enjoyed yourself! It’s a totally different pace of life there than here in the South, isn’t it? But pizza to die for!

    Frank is one interesting character, isn’t he? And even after all these years, there are still “connection” rumors swirling around him like ghosts.

    Thanks for sharing your visit to N.Y., and I’ll be sure to pop over to the blog! Thanks, sfcatty!

  2. Wish I could finish off your two days of vacation. Would love to revisit a few places. Lived in upstate New York for two years many years ago and visited often. Hope you’ll share your stories soon. Rita VF BTW Sinatra was married 4 times. I remember three of them (Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow were best known) and his three kids–Frank Jr, Nancy (the Boots girl) and Tina.

  3. Yum! Who can resist Ol’ Blue Eyes? He could make a song sound likea seduction. Which worked pretty well for him, from what I hear. Anyway, great choice, and hope you enjoyed the Big Apple (and avoided the hospital this time!)
    As for Frank’s marriages, I know of four, maybe? There was Nancy Sr., Ava Gardner and Mia Farrow, plus I remember him being married to someone else when he died. Could have been more, though, in between those.

    • Had no trips to the hospital this time although I got in a losing fight with some rare steak meat on a salad- full recovery was made with a dose of imodium. As E says, I took one for the team and sucked it up!

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