Just a Short Wetsday Post

I’ve been really churning out the word count on the Regency Paranormal, and I am fairly happy with what I’ve got at this stage in the process. I’m working away at the first love scene, which is always one of my favorite parts. I enjoy trying to get into how each character would behave and react in a situation where so much of their personality is revealed.
But I am having trouble ignoring the email, and that slows everything down. I have several submissions out, and I am getting to the crazy-making “just go ahead and tell me no” stage. I can’t say that I am getting my hopes up; it’s more the opposite. Just tell me it’s no good so I can put it in the box in the closet and get on with the new WIP.
Between writing about ripped bodices and checking the email, I haven’t been checking out my favorite wet men sites this week. But, because so many of my friends have indicated that they (unlike me) are really into the remake of The A-Team, I came up with a little bit of wet Bradley Cooper for your enjoyment:


3 Responses

  1. He does look nice…I can’t deny that. I’m not sure about the remake either. Part of me says “Don’t ruin a good thing”, but on the other hand, why not?

    And yes, I’m in the same spot you are, Ro’mama. I’m thinking a pint or a quart of ice cream will make me forget.

  2. Withholding judgment until I see the flick. Been surprised before when I thought I’d be disappointed; and disappointed when I thought I’d be pleasantly surprised.

    Heard from one submission (a beautifully hand-penned no. How can you be upset over that?); waiting on another. So I understand how anxiety provoking that can be. (I must be into self torture, because I have the next batch ready to go out as soon as I hear one way or another! lol)

    But this nice young man seems to be the perfect way to get my mind off the wait and back to the WIP. That tub looks big enough for two, and has given me some very *wet* ideas for a love scene!

    Thanks, Ro’mama! You’re the best-est!

  3. I’m anxious about the A Team remake. I loved the old Star Trek and was open to a remake but was disapoointed by all of the Star Trek iterations. Maybe the A Team will be OK, at least we can look at Bradley. Nice choice, Ro’mama. Rita VF

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