Wish You Were Here…Hobart Australia

Sea Port at Hobart

After sweating through the sizzling heat of this past long week, I think the Southern Sizzlers need a cooling break. It is a well known, if little thought about, fact that while we in the northern hemisphere go through the hot summer season; on the other side of the globe people are enjoying the season of winter. Personally I don’t think I could get used to sitting around on June 13 and wonder which sweater and jacket I need before leaving the house, but to be certain those who live their lives building a snow men in July would never understand a snow day in January.

WB Taz and Bugs

Today I thought I’d write about a small spot on the map close to where this adorable cartoon character migrated from. The town of Hobart is the capital city as well as the most populous city of the island state of Tasmania.   It is also the second oldest capital city in Australia.

The most notable actor and hero inspiration I could find from the town is the legendary Errol Flynn. Maybe a little before my time, but I must say in this picture he has a timeless handsomeness that even I couldn’t resist.

Errol Flynn as Captain Blood

Yesterday in my hometown I suffered through a high temperature of 96˚ with a heat index of 108˚. Yesterday in Hobart it reached a balmy 42˚ with a wind chill of approximately 38˚.  Not saying that I would enjoy a year round winter, just maybe somewhere in between would be nice. I’m all about comfort so unless the house is at the perfect temperature, I’m miserable and unmotivated. Even the idea of sitting around doing nothing but writing is not appealing when wiping sweat from my brow.

And don’t ask me to do anything like housework or I’m liable to turn into something close to this REAL Tasmanian devil.

Actual Tazmanian Devil

Hobart seems like a place that can offer many areas of inspiration. Beautiful sea ports to sail through, beaches to relax on, national parks to explore, and rich forests for hiking. And the inner vampire in me couldn’t help but notice during its current winter season it averages only 5.9 hours of daylight per day.

July snowfall in the city of Hobart

I believe I could figure out some fun things to do with the handsome Badurday Billy Burke for about 18 dark hours, and hey he should be pretty fond of vampires by now, right?

It is also well known that the Continent of Australia was founded as a penal colony. Hobart was one of the first settlements and offers a rich history for the strong of heart if you need a heroine that may have been wrongly accused of a crime and finds her soul mate who proves her innocence and they live happily ever after. One on holiday may choose to visit the Cascades Female Factory Historical site and do the self-guided tour of the woman’s prison which opened in 1828 to house female convicts.

The Female Factory-Historical site to tour

 I am sure this would be an emotional glimpse into the not-so-pleasant past, but isn’t there a little “bad girl” in all of us?

Finally, what if you are not beach, park, boat, prison, or forest person? What could the Hobart area possibly offer to make it a perfect place of inspiration for a woman?    Chocolate!

Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Claremont

If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in Australia and need something to do, travel about twenty minutes and you will find a Cadbury Chocolate factory to visit. Although actual tours of the factory are no longer allowed, there is a visitor’s center which tells the history of Cadbury and a short film that shows the operation inside the factory. One report also states that included with the price of admission you receive some free chocolate, making the cost of admission minimal when you take that into consideration.

So quick review for inspiration….chocolate, long dark nights, chocolate, cool June temperatures, lots of chocolate…wish you were here…

Tasman Bridge


3 Responses

  1. Wow! What an unexpected delight! I can’t say that I’ve ever even given Hobart a thought, but now it’s prominent on my bucket list. Any place that could produce Captain Blood is ok by me.
    What *is* it about Australia, anyway? It gave us Gibson, Ledger, Jackman, and the original hot guy in period dress, Flynn! There must have been some really fine looking convicts down there – I’m getting inspiration for a historical now!
    Great job, Lizbeth!!!

  2. *Long dreamy sigh* Foreign travel, exotic lacale, emotionally connective history, long dark nights, gorgeous strong (dangerous!) men, AND chocolate?!?

    Lizbeth, you have presented us with a female Utopia! My mind is already whirling with ideas and I feel finger cramps coming on from trying to type and scribble them fast enough so I don’t forget a single detail.

    Your mission is successful: Wish I was there!

  3. wonderful post. Loved it. chocolate and Errol Flynn. What else would you need?

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