Badurday June 12, 2010

Today’s bad boy is someone I have not seen a lot  and we  need to definitely rectify the situation.  Again this week, I had already decided on the featured bad boy and then I watched a movie on Wednesday that changed my mind.  So, the other dude will be next week (maybe).  So, anyway, I watched a movie called Untraceable from 2008.  It starred our boy of the week, along with Diane Lane and Colin Hanks.  It was really good until the last 15 mins when the FBI agent, Diane Lane, made a boneheaded, too stupid to live move.  Made me angry and I was hoping the other FBI guy, our bad boy would leave her to her stupid fate.  LOL! 

The bad boy of the week is Billy Burke.  I kept looking at him on the screen with his scruffy cop look and thinking, “I like him. Where have I seen him?”

When I searched for him, imagine my surprise to see that he is Bella’s dad in the Twilight series.  Now, the mustache he has for that role is tricky- covers up his cuteness.  So, like we ignore the man behind the curtain in The Wizard of Oz, ignore the ‘stache on this guy in those movies and add him to the list of handsome bad boy cops.


4 Responses

  1. Don’t you just hate those moments of Hollywood idiocy? Makes you want to bang on the television screen right where the actors’ heads are and yell, “You! Out of the gene pool! Now, before you breed and ruin the species!”

    Billy Burke has one of those faces not traditionally handsome. Instead it’s reflective. A face you could get lost in studying each feature. And all the more interesting for it. Another winner, sfcatty!

    • yea. I wanted to kill that screenwriter. I knew there had to be a scene like the one of whence I speak but there had to be a better way to segue into it.

      Yea. I agree he is not classically handsome but he is very intriguing looking. I found myself drawn to him,

  2. The first time I saw him was in Twilight — although I was distracted by the too-young-for-me eye candy therein (not so much R Pattz as Peter Facinelli — rawr!) i did notice that Charlie was more than able to keep up with the other guys. The little ‘stache was a mistake, but having worked around cops for many years, it really was in character for a small town chief of police. Takes a great actor to toss aside his looks in search on authenticity, right? W/o facial hair, Billy is gorgeous!

  3. Very nice. Looks esp good time-lapsed. Rita VF

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