Wish You Were Here

Welcome to the new Sunday feature called “Wish You Were Here”, although it might be more accurately named “Wish I Were Here”.  However, when one makes that statement, it usually means the person making it has found a magical place and wants to share it with someone they care about. I am one who is always searching for my “perfect place” but find it impossible since my idea of the perfect place changes with my mood.

 I plan to feature scenic pictures of places that inspire. Everyone needs inspiration, especially the one person on this wonderful group of bloggers who has let the others do all the work and remained lurking in the shadows until now. I will leave it up to you to decide what each picture inspires in you. It could be a fantasy date riding into a purple sunset on a motorcycle with one of our featured badurday boys

or rolling around on a tropical seashore with a wetsday hunk.
It could also be the perfect quiet setting of solitude where we, as writers, sit with our laptop, pen and paper, or our fancy high tech ipad (props to gothicdweller’s new toy) and plot out our best love scenes… or perhaps the exact setting for your historical heroine’s southern plantation or your hot vampire’s dark castle. 

I had hoped to use this first day to feature someplace near and dear to all the Southern Sizzlers, but since I only had one day to prepare for this, I wasn’t able to pull together all the material I want to use in my tribute to the endangered sparkling white sands of Pensacola Beach. Anyone who’s attended the Gulf Coast Chapter’s Silken Sands conference knows firsthand how beautiful the white beaches of Northwest Florida and Southern Alabama are. We can only pray the present crisis on our shores will be a temporary blemish and not a permanent scar on that beauty.

I hope that finally taking on one day a week will get me back into my own writing habit. I have been in a long slump of no motivation and need to turn that around to finish all the half written stories begging me to come back to them. So until next Sunday… wish you were here…



6 Responses

  1. Lizbeth, these are so intriguing! In each instance it’s as if you’re drawn into the very picture!

    Yep, I definately Wish I Was There! Beautiful!

  2. This is a wonderful post and a tribute to all of us and our genres. Great job. Glad to have you back in the posting circle and I hope this will inspire you to finish some of your newer material that I’m dying to read! The pics are wonderful. AND I know I wish I was there.

    I too am sad about our beaches and hope it is a fixable thing.

  3. Oh, this is wonderful — what a great idea, and with this kind of pictures, it will be a great source of inspiration!!!

    So glad you are getting back into the swing of things. Was great to see you at the meeting Sat.

    • I am glad you all enjoyed these quick pictures and post.. This was easy to do and believe it or not I wrote the short blog and then found the picutures to go with it and not the other way around.

      If any of you have any old pictures of you and Pensacola Beach that you wouldn’t mind being used on a post, please email them to me and I will be glad to include them on this personal post.

  4. Great post. Glad to see you posting. I especially love the plantation picture. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with to share.

  5. Loved them all, Lizbeth, but I’m particularly partial to your beautiful choices of greenery and trees. The rocky waterfall was particularly intriguing. Great post!! RitaVF

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