Tuesday’s Industry News: Bootcamp Anyone?

Hello all! If you’ve read any of my twitter updates or my blog updates you know that I’ve been running around from one book to another for the last month. I’m a member of several organizations which have “bootcamps” going on. One I decided to join after the fabulous Liz at Savvy Authors drill sergeanted me into picking one book and finishing it. I gotta say she can be a hard ass and it worked 🙂

So now I’ve signed up for bootcamp and I’m pulling my material together to finish my Steampunk book which I’ve written three chapters on now. I don’t have to have this book finished for any reason but its not like me to not want to finish a book, well besides the young adult book. And of course as soon as I committed to writing one book a new fabulous idea came to mind that I want to write a novella with for an ebook. And when I say fabulous I do mean it!

What to do what to do? I’ve never participated in a bootcamp because I’ve never had the problem of not finishing something so I’m a little nervous. Have you ever participated in any sort of “bootcamp” for writing or anything else? If so did you find it helped or not?

And just for giggles here’s what I’m thinking my inventor hero of my steampunk will look like: Oh and the title of the book is… Steamed, Primed, and Pumped 🙂


5 Responses

  1. I can totally see this guy in period clothing, with a set of goggles. Good choice.

    No boot camps here. I’d be afraid of the mud since I’m a girly girl! LOL! Good luck with it, I am sure it will be fab!

  2. Okay, first of all, I LOVE that title!! lol

    I’ve actually participated in the 60 Days to PRO bootcamp hosted by FF&P last October. I’d just started my 2nd manuscript, but it was a very weak premise. That bootcamp changed my life. I learned so much, gained confidence in myself (and my writing), and made PRO with three weeks to spare. It was worth it for me.

  3. I’m with Danica on the title, Sayde! Love the way your mind works! lol

    Never have done a writing boot camp. But after reading the description you forwarded, I have to admit I’m interested! Have some things in the works that it may apply to.

    Stay busy, Cowgirl! Send that stuff off to the publisher! I’ll need another Sayde fix soon! LOL

  4. Based on this post I had to check out the website. Not up for the bootcamp but there is a workshop that I am going to have to try. Thanks for all the great info you provide here.

  5. LOVE, love your title.. The dude is awesome and fits perfectly. Never been to a bootcamp, and that sounds like it’s well worth the challenge. I’ll email you later on the where’s and how’s… so I can visit the webpage. I’m writing in my spare time, except the this weekend past. I’ll need to do my piece for tomorrow..winks. I just get bogged down into scenes.. when there is more then one way to go.. my brain stalls.. thinking which way..hmmmm…. I’m getting alot of followers on my facebook for this story I’m throwing together. I think that is so wild, and exciting. I almost can’t stand myself. hahahahaha…

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