Badurday May 29, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  Thanks to all the veterans of all wars that sacrificed their lives for our freedom. As the cliche goes, “Freedom isn’t free.”  So true- thus that particular cliche was born!

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming- Badurday-  About 10 days ago, as I watched The Holiday with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, I realized I had not featured one of my favorite, perennial, British bad boys on this blog as yet. So, the plan for last Saturday was to feature this guy.  But, when I went on IMDB to refresh my memory on all the stuff he’d been in, I got distracted by Edward Norton from the Illusionist where our bad boy of this week was the bad prince.  So, poor guy had to wait a week.  Edward usurped his spot.  But, now, this week, Rufus Sewell gets his moment in the limelight. (Don’t make any jokes about limelight and  limeys, please. That would be too much. Just say no.)

So, here is Rufus Sewell. Bad Prince Leopold in the Illusionist. Bad Count Adhemar in A Knight’s tale. Bad boy King Charles II in Charles, II, the Power and the Passion (seeing a pattern here?)- then he becomes a commoner bad boy as opposed to a blue blooded one, in The Holiday as Jasper, Kate Winslet’s heartbreaker/user former lover. 

He DID play a great role of a doctor on a tv show called Eleventh Hour.  All smoldering, sexy six feet of him (how’s that for alliteration?)

Anyway, Enjoy Rufus:  I’m not too sure about the skirt, boots and stockings pic- what’s up with that?

9 Responses

  1. Mmmm, Rufus does bad so very, very well. And doesn’t confine himself to a single era, either. What he has transfers so smoothly it must be innate!

    And those lips of his always seem just before a haughty sneer. Very provoking, sfcatty! Verrry provoking!

  2. Sneer-ready . . . but tres sexy, mais yeah!

  3. Oh, yes, an excellent Bad Boy! I have to say that sneering is not exactly what I think those lips would be good for, but to each her own.

  4. he was in a movie called Cold Comfort Farm too with Kate Beckinsale.

  5. Rufus was an awesome choice he totally epitomizes Bad-urday. He’s so bad but totally hot. I’m actually a bit intrigued by the boots and skirt. Wonder if he’s wearing it like true Scotsmen wear their kilts?

    • I don’t believe that is a kilt. I looked at the larger pic and it looks like a girl’s school uniform to me. LOL! AND he actually has on hosiery. But I’m quite sure based on his nationality that he would be wearing a kilt the proper way.

  6. I love this Bad Boy. The Holiday was a great movie, an I loved it.

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