A Multi-Generational Wetsday

So, the good news continues to come in — Ms. Sayde had her big release date, Ms. SFCatty has had another short story tapped for an anthology, and the Sizzlers are working away like the happy little authors they are.

I can’t claim big good news — no offers or CALL — but things are reasonably encouraging. I read a really good historical this week by an author named Lucy Monroe. Since I loved the book, decided to look for her backlist and check out her blog. Lo and behold, she runs an online class group for aspiring writers. So I am now enrolled in Lucy’s class on writing to the 11 (not 5!) Senses. Turned in my first assignment, a paragraph describing sight impressions from my first novel, and (trumpet fanfare here) SHE LIKED IT. Tres complimentary about my use of the visual cues to explain my heroine’s emotional state. YAY!!!!!

Also, I completed the article I was asked to write for a professional journal in my day job. Ok, “The Attorney as Witness: Ethical Considerations for Inhouse Agency Counsel” does not have a single ripped bodice or even an aching groin in it, but I am fairly pleased with how it came out. Now, I think that Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(b)(3) is more boring than watching C-Span reruns. Still,there are people who read Grisham and other lawyer novels — I don’t know why! It is obviously more interesting to an outsider looking in than it is when you spend 8.5 hours in a single day reading federal grant contracts.

But the important question is: who is the wet man today???? I had picked my wet boy, and was busily downloading his pix, when the DD#1 (graduating from HS this week) said, “Hey mom, why don’t you put ‘Mr. X’ on your blog?” Well, coincidence indeed — that was just who I was downloading! So the guest of the week carries with him a multigenerational seal of approval.

And who is our guest o’ the week? You may know him as Prince Caspian, from a lovely little family-appropriate movie. Those of you who follow the hot M/M romance that seems so popular right now might be more interested in the torrid kiss he shares with Ben Chaplin in the upcoming Dorian Gray (check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VE6TyQv_Yvg&feature=related ) And don’t forget that Dorian Gray features my darling Colin Firth as the infamous Lord Henry.
Could only find the one pic where he’s wet, but then again, if you take into account all the drool that ended up on my computer screen, it is a most moist Wetsday indeed! Welcome the delectable Ben Barnes!


4 Responses

  1. Oooooo, this man has an expressive face . . . I see intense . . . flirting . . . smoldering . . . broodiing . . . serious . . . lustful! (And the wet one looks downright dangerous!)

    DD#1 obviously has her mother’s good taste in men!Lovely, Romancemama, lovely!

  2. Oh my…those intense eyes. I um, lusted after him as Prince Caspian and immediately felt like a dirty old lady. But oh my…oh my. *fans herself* Your daughter has a good eye…and she’d best be keeping it off of Gerard.

  3. He was in that blockbuster “The Water Horse.” LOL- it was a nice little story and I thought he was quite cute. Not really my type but British, nonetheless.

  4. Sitting in a deposition listening to testimony about corrugated containers just got much better thanks to this blog entry! Great pictures!

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