Tuesday’s Industry News: Tips for Self Promoting

Hello everyone! So I missed last Tuesday’s blog and I’m so sorry for that mishap. Today I’m back in full force. Well not full force, I have a bit of a problem. You see as I’m researching ways to promote Riding Double I’m running around not settling on any one WIP. I’ve started five new WIPS this month! FIVE and written a chapter on each one, thats five chapters plus change. That could be a great first quarter to one full length book or half of a great short story(I say great because I’m trying to think positive). Instead I’m running from WIP to WIP and in-between I’m going crazy over what to do for promoting. My critique partner is having great fun with this also. As she said “I’m the one usually never settling, what the hell is wrong with you?” I don’t know!!!

I’m hoping once I get my mind off the release I’ll settle some. I emailed Ms. Cat Johnson who we had on the site a few months back for her new release Bucked to get her advice on promoting. She emailed me back with some suggestions on what to do for promoting and I’ve started.  So I’ll give you all three of my favorite tips and we can discuss them.

1. Setting up Author Pages.

Now I had never really put much thought into this as I figured the stuff I sent my publisher would work but turns out you can create your own author sites on some book seller websites with more information on you and your book. For example on amazon.com if you have a book sold through them you have the great chance to go to authorcentral.com and set up an author page. I loved it. I got to add more about myself, my book, book reviews, I even added an interview that my ‘laughing at me because I can’t settle’ friend Rebecca Zanetti did of me. I uploaded a photo and all. Loved it. Now have I ever really checked out an authors page? No, but it was cool to do one and I hope people check it out and maybe buy my book because they decide “Yeah I like her, sounds cool” because you know I am 🙂 That last comment was a test, my author friend Brandi Hall “visits” the site every so ofter and I make comments like this to her all the time while she rolls her eyes and tells her cat I’m a dork.

2. Free Reads

Okay I love free reads, I mean really they are the best. When Cat suggested that I write one in hopes that readers would get a taste of my writing and want more I was all over that. In fact I started one (#5 of my WIPS). But I sent an email to my editor about it and well for her it has to have a beginning, middle, and happily ever after. I didn’t want it to have a HEA, no I wanted to introduce a character let him have some wild times then pick up his story later. Alas not going to happen. SO I’ve adjusted and have it going in a way I kinda like. Now have I ever read a free read then went “Gotta buy this chicks books now”? Not really, I will say that after reading a free read if I like it I will go and look at the other books offered by said author.

3. Articles

Now this is one that I had already done before I got any advice. A friend of mine along with some of her friends( I think 2 maybe only 1) started SavvyAuthors.com and recently invited me to participate in the weekly newsletter. When she asked if I wanted to I said “Sure, why the hell not”. I gotta admit I loved it. It gave me a chance to write an article I’d been wanting to write for some time and it helped promote my book. It was a win win and I’d love to do another one as I’ve got all kinds of stuff to rant about(Hear that Liz?? I’m making a list!)

So as readers what makes you want to buy a book? Do reviews matter? Do free reads help? Does seeing a person’s biography and picture help? Tell me what helps you decide.

And my writer friends what do you do to promote?

Thanks all


Oh and just for shits and giggles here is my current WIP list:

1. Hell’s Transporter- Paranormal Suspense filled with demons, fallen angels, bull riders, and more.

2. Steam Punk(haven’t named it yet)- Steampunk filled with a smart mouthed southern woman who likes to invet contraptions to help save her plantation from the Yanks although and one New Orleans bred and born inventor of the HOT kind.

3. Spirit Heart- Western Romance filled with Comanche’s raiding, loving, and kidnaping and one pissed off half Comanche and half white woman who has been taken by Running Horse in order to be saved from his brother Kicking Buffalo. Did I mention this woman is mad?

4. Saige’s Story(haven’t named it yet)- Erotic Romance short filled with emotions of loss, griefing, finding love again and hot sex with a playboy bull rider who is lost in his own self pity.

5. The Free Read- Erotic Romance free story. Woman kicks her cheating husband out, divorces him and then shows up her first love. The injured bareback rider who now works for her brother(Bo from my book Riding Double) hot renewed love begins.

12 Responses

  1. I’ve been seeing tweets from you about what you were working on and you had ME feeling frantic! lol I think I’d go crazy with that many stories out waiting to be written. *shudders* I can only concentrate on one at a time, but that’s okay with me. I’m admiring your multitasking abilities!

    I actually do check out author pages on Amazon. Mostly, when I’m looking for a new author, I’ll check out everyone Amazon suggests. It’s worked so far since I picked up G.A. Aiken and Shelly Laurenston through it (and yes, I know how could I not have known about Shelly before now!)

  2. Hey! I also check out the author pages on Amazon. Right now I’m checking flights to the south because I need to go and unplug my crit partner’s twitter, facebook and email accounts so she’ll finish a book. Any book. One of the many. 🙂

  3. Hi Saydegrace, awesome info.. I can’t say that I have searched amazon, and I didn’t know they such things, but I’m going to go look see, and check things out. Thanks..

  4. great advice. Hope I need it someday!

    AND I tell my cat you’re a dork, too- BUT an Uber- cool dork! Kind of like me! Love ya!

  5. Sayde–had a bookstore pre-Katrina, damn the bitch and a crooked landlord! Dealt with printed books, but I’m sure some e-pub areas intersplice.

    Did a lot to promote local outhors. (Booksignings where we supplied TV commercials with cover shots of books; great for cover recognition with the public.) Made arrangements for local TV spotlight interviews. You’d be surprised how much attention a three minute televised interview gains.(Might not be able to do quite that with your Erotica, lol, but I’m sure you’re looking far enough ahead to realize your other books probably will be perfect for both suggestions.)

    Or maybe some other outhors and you get together to do a promotion package together. A few days before a conference, get airtime in that area. Hit local bookstores the day before and the eveings of conferences while there to meet-and-greet the public. Two hour sessions work best. (Sometimes a local bookstore will split the cost of airtime with you since they’re being advertised, too.)

    Have other ways, too, but this seems like commandeering your blog! Sorry, really don’t intend to!

    And major cost cutting tip: don’t go to the main TV stations for commercials. Cable covers a high concentration now, and you can do a commercial for about 1/4 the cost by paying for your airtime–played during drive time or peak times!–with a local cable company. (W-blah-blah-blah of all capital letters wanted $2800 for 16 sixty second spots. Local cable company Cable Blah charged me $360 for 38 spots–same time slots and more exposure time over four days.)

    And you DON’T have to let them shoot the commercial! Plenty of local vid guys who’ll produce a superior 30-60 second spot to industry standards at about 1/4 the cost–or less–as well. Take your vid-card copy with you where ever you go, altering the store name and address, and appearance times on your laptop before you drop a new copy off.)

    Local stores love local authors. TV and radio personalities love to do ‘local girl/boy makes good’ stories and are freebies! E-pubbeds may not have books to sign, but you can sign postcard size promotion cards with your book cover at bookstores or events to promote yourself.

    Local press releases–free when in local interest columns–spread the word you’re published as well. Those one-on-one sessions where someone can say “I met her and she was soooo nice! Sooo interesting!” promotes by word of mouth, better than nearly anything.

    Yep. Done this once or twice! LOL Crud. Just e-mail me or call me for better detailed info. Number’s listed in our members list!

    Kick ’em, Cowgirl!

  6. Hi Sayde,

    Thanks for the amazon author page tip. I just made mine, although it says I have to wait to the blog/video stuff etc…still how cool is that…

    And I agree with McClain says, just being nice and doing things like this gets the word out about your release.

    Now chose 1 book lady and get it done…(grin)

    Dawn Chartier
    NOT AN ANGEL, out now!

    • I know I really should just pick one and well I’d like to but after I get about three pages on one I lose interest and start something else. SUCKS!

      And congrats on the author page I’m about to head over to mine and add some stuff to my book page 🙂

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