Badurday- May 22, 2010

Primal Fear–  can anyone forget the eerieness of that movie? The altar boy that we all thought was  retarded- but he was an evil, evil murderer instead?  What a chilling movie and what an introduction to our Badurday boy of the week. 

He went on to be in Rounders in which he also played a creepy kind of character.  Who could forget him in Fight Club?

You know, I liked him as an actor- thought he did a great job in lots of roles.  He was good in everything I saw him in. Didn’t see him as a sex symbol or leading man, though until the Illusionist.  AND let me tell you why.  Even if you don’t care. 

Since I first became aware that people of the opposite sex were yummy, I  have been attracted to men in white button front shirts. No idea of the psychology behind that (memo to self: ask friend that’s a retired clinical psychologist about this)- ok, sorry. back to the subject.  Anyway, white button ups are a thing for me. If the male chooses to roll up the sleeves of said white shirt to show a particularly firm forearm, so much the better. I’m a sucker for a nice ulna and radius. I know, I know, its crazy.  Get back to The Illusionist and Edward Norton already, Sfcatty. Geez, woman, you’re boring these folks.

So, when I watched The Illusionist and he had on that white shirt, I was a goner. Then the scene where he kisses the female lead and then Jessica Biel’s character gets to unbutton the shirt, that was that. My opinion of him changed forever.  Right then. He entered the realm of dream worthy.  The very next movie he was in was The Painted Veil.  Again with the white shirts – it was clearly a conspiracy. CLEARLY!!  Anyway, I’d take him in if he was lost. 

I believe one  of our loyal readers thinks he’s as hot as I do.  Maybe she’ll let us know what pushed her over the edge to thinking he’s a hottie.   Here are some photos of our bad boy, Edward Norton.  That white shirt is killing me but I made the sacrifice for you guys.  Have also found one of him as Bruce Banner since he’s been announced to play in The Avengers.  Not a bad body on him, huh?


7 Responses

  1. What a coinkadink! I had to ride 6 hours in a car w DD#1 this week and Edward Norton came up (it’s great when your daughters get to this age). We agreed that he is not just a fine actor but also a kind of stealth hunk – you don’t realize how attractive at first, then he’s got you.
    I’ve ordered Primal Fear on the netflix cause she’s never seen it — the ending is a chiller!
    Excellent choice!!!!

  2. Great choice, sfcatty! You always bring us the interesting and the best! Isn’t it amazing that just like in real life, it’s the ones that sneak up on you that end up grabbing you the deepest?

    And Ro’mama? Stealth Hunk? (Yes, it should definately be capitalized!) You just coined one fantastic new romance phrase! LOL

    Love all you girls!

    • Hmm, I’m thinking title for a contemporary: “Stealth Hunk”. Now if I could only write a contemporary!

    • Thanks Runere- I had already picked out someone else for this week and then had an inspiration on Wed to choose Edward instead. BUT at least next week’s is chosen- I think you’ll like him, too.

  3. Sfcatty… what a great choice.. Omgoodness, He’s such a great actor.. Love the pictures..

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