Romance Is Where You Find It

Ok, it takes a big person to admit they were wrong. And frankly, I am nothing if I am not big, in as many senses of the word as you wish to invoke.
The DD’s insisted on taking me to a movie this weekend. I have to say, I was less than excited. I mean, The Last Song with freaking Miley Cyrus???? I do not do Miley Cyrus movies, songs, videos, pictures . . . etc.
So I was expecting to sit there and be somewhat underwhelmed. I had an attitude. (Hard for y’all to believe, but yes, I did.)
But ya know what? It was luuuurrrvely. I mean, as good as a romance can be without British accents. Miley was not annoying, Greg Kinnear was just as cute as always, and the leading man!!! Let’s just say that Australia has produced a worthy successor to the stud muffin shoes of Mel, Hugh and Heath. Liam Hemsworth is just about pretty.
As always, Nicholas Sparks managed to kill off one of my favorite characters, but it was just such a sweet movie, and of course I always enjoy using up lots of my cute sniffie tissues.
So two thumbs way up for The Last Song. Yall go see it on the big screen — Liam Hemsworth deserves the square footage.

See what I mean????

Ok, I realize he isn’t wet, and after all, this is Wetsday. But all the good pix of him in the water had him kissing the Pop Tart from his movie. She may have been ok in The Last Song, but Miley gets no air time on the Sizzle!!!!

BTW, this week the sniffie tissue motto is “Stimulating the Economy … One Shoe Store at a Time” – that’s me — always trying to help!


4 Responses

  1. Adding it to my get out and see list. And he is seriously pretty! In a masculine way, of course!

    What did you find this week? Fashionably sensible pumps? Or spikey stilletto? Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. What is in the water down there in OZ, I ask you???? I haven’t seen an ugly guy from down under yet!!!

    I think the shoe shopper to whom you refer was Sayde – though I love me some shoes, I have been in flats since I broke my foot in January. I HATE flats!!!

  3. Okay…he’s a cutie pie…just darlin’! I don’t watch Nicholas Sparks movies or read his books. I just won’t do it. I do not like to cry for movies and I can tell just by looking at the trailers that they’re going to be tear jerkers. *sniff* Still, great Wetsday!

    • I also refuse Nicholas Sparks- books and movies. Don’t like his stuff. AND I heard Miley said she saw the movie and realized she needed acting lessons- hell, I could’ve told her THAT! LOL!

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