Badurday – May 15, 2010

This week’s bad boy is not an actor but he DOES play on a television show.  As most of my friends know, I have been an anglophile pretty much for my entire life.  And maybe even in a past life- LOL!  So, I watch a lot of British television. 

I am very much NOT a car person. I want to get in a car, turn the key and go. I don’t need  or want any other information at all. Nope. Just get me where I need to be with no issues.  Most everyone knows this about me as well.

Imagine the surprise of my friends and family to learn of my television viewing habits on Monday nights. There is a show on BBC America called Top Gear.

Suddenly, I feel like I’m in a 12 step meeting.  “Hello, my name is Sherry, my nom de plume is Jillian, AND I am a Gear Head.”  

Anyway,  I adore this show.  The three hosts are so funny and they relate so well to each other.  They are laugh out loud hilarious.  Jeremy is the ringleader. Richard (the Hamster) and James are his two cohorts.  Each week, they have to meet certain challenges with various high priced cars, sometimes trucks, sometimes trains and sometimes even hot air balloons and campers.  It is such a witty show. Even if you don’t know  a carburetor from a fly wheel (and I don’t)- you will love this show if you have any sense of humor at all.

As one of the  parts of this show every week, they have a “star in a reasonably priced car” segment.  This can be anyone from Hugh Laurie to Stephen Frye to even Helen Mirren or Jay Leno.  The star is taken through a race course by a person called “THE STIG”- He shows them the course and they then get a chance to race against the clock in the “reasonably priced car.”  The show keeps a tote board on the times of the laps.  The identity of the Stig was a huge secret for many years in Britain until someone posted who he is on the internet. So, the powers that be decided to unmask the Stig on tv.  The funny thing about that is,  now that he’s been exposed, the rumor is that this guy was a plant by the network to throw people off on the real identity of the Stig.  So, the conspiracy theorists can carry on about the question of  “is he or isn’t he?”

But, you may ask, SFCatty, how does this guy qualify as a “bad boy” for Badurday?  I’m so glad  you asked:  He’s a bad boy because of his BAD A** driving skills! 

So, for your enjoyment, here is the Stig- Formula One race car driver, Michael Schumacher, OR IS IT??????:


2 Responses

  1. The guy AND the cars make me want to go back to junior high when I had a Candy Apple ’67 Chevelle SS with a 396 that had been bored and stroked (11.5 to 1 pistons–flat top, not pop ups because everything had been machined to assembled height!), a sweet little cam with jussst the perfect lift and duration to give it a healthy lope and extra POWER, 780 dual-pumping Holley carb with a secondary, Borg-Warner rock crusher tranny, Herst super shifter, 513 rear end (well, ’til I spit it out from under it and then went with a 411) with mag wheels and L-60’s on the back. I loved that car! With either the Shaker hood–or hood off with the tunnel ram! Used to take all the boys’ money when we street-raced in Ocean Springs and Long Beach!

    (Stop it! Bad grandmother! I’m literally sitting her shaking remembering how the entire car trembled on the line like some sort of predator waiting to be loosed; rapping the accelerator a couple times to clear the carb; revving then dumping the clutch when the Christmas tree hit green and be thrown back into the seat frame, screaming down the asphalt track balancing the timing of RPM’s with stabbing the clutch and grabbing a higher gear . . . Orgasmic!) Turned a 10:56 in a street legal car!

    Romp and Roll, sfcatty! God, I love the show and I’m euphoric you chose him for Bad-urday! (Oops! Think you can tell that already! LOL)

    • Runere- I took four years of Latin in high school and your whole first paragraph, less the words, candy apple red and the part about Ocean Springs, is Greek to me! LOL! But you see, the show appeals to both of us- the techie and the not-so-techie!

      Glad you liked my choice. I was afraid he would be unpopular. And glad to know there’s another “Gear” girl in the clan!

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