Chasing Mists:Some Things Defy Description/Phantasy Friday

Dang, I’m worried Sayde’s going to say I’m freaking her out again! But these aren’t faces. Just mists, okay? Mists are an integral part of all things scary. In books or films they’re probably more used than any other hint or visual aid to signal bad stuff is coming. One moment there; the next moment gone. I love to use them in my writing.

But getting the reader to feel, smell or taste it as you need them to is tricky. What words can you use to describe the sensations caused by them?

Mists can be anything from a silky drifting ribbon of moisture to a blanketing roil of thick fog. They can be warm and heavy enough to bead upon your skin, or so cold they slide beneath clothing to make you shiver. They can be distant, drifting and eery, or so close and thick you can scoop handfuls in your cupped palm. They can be ephemeral or glistening with moonlight. They can be solid or smoke-like, or snake through trees or twine around  Doric columns. They can swallow entire buildings or part to reveal . . . ? Sometimes they even take ominous shape.

Mists can carry the bite of salt in your nostrils along the seafront, an actual taste on the back of the tongue if breathed through your mouth. But no matter if they rise from the ground or drift in from the sea, they share a common factor. Utter silence.

So capturing paranormal mists on film during investigations is doubly intriguing. Capturing images of mists while simultaneously registering abrupt temperature changes,  high EMF’s (electro-magnetic fields) and containing orbs is like hitting the trifecta!

Mists with orbs, below.

To celebrate all the mist and moonlight clad graveyards filled with hulking, drunken stone sentinels–and every bad horror movie we watched as kids–here are a few pictures of mists. Feel free to study them and use your own descriptions in your writing.    

 If you’re interested in pics to use for inspiration, contact me. I’ll be happy to share my files!


6 Responses

  1. love it, love it. love it. How cool is this? Literally, it seems- as you describe the temperature drop.

    Thanks for another wonderful Friday entry.

  2. Ok so no I didn’t look. I read and covered the photo’s with my hands 🙂 Lol I can’t help it i’m a big chicken! And I’ve got breaking news I want to share so I hope it’s ok that I post a quick breaking news post above yours today. I sure hope you don’t mind but I HAVE to share this!

  3. Crazy woman, move your hands! LOL These are safe to look at. Nothing you can even remotely recognize! Well, maybe an orb or two might jump out at you . . . just kidding! Bwahahaha!

  4. Runere, love this one with flare.. your so awesome.. Love mist.. don’ t you? winks.. poor saydegrace..

  5. Chiming in late but loving it. Rita in Atlanta

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