Breaking News!!!

Hello everyone! This is a quick breaking news post. I hate to post on Runere’s day but I’m too excited to wait for my day!

I received a google alert and was so nervous when I saw it was my first out of house review for Riding Double. I very slowly clicked the link and this is what I found:

Review: This story is one that will stay with me for some time. Billie is a wrecked woman. Sex is the only constant in her life, but it’s doing little to soothe the ache in her caused by him. Then she meets Chet. He’s sexy, rugged and ready to ride. Yee haw. She might have discovered whether he could make her forget him, but their erotic encounter is complicated when he shows up. The him in this story is Bo. He and Chet are rodeo roomies. Damn, they are both so hot and doable. I wanted them as much as Billie does. But Billie and Bo have a scarred history and deep wounds that continue to fester and won’t heal. But she needs Bo—more than she’ll admit. Ms. Grace delivers a story with emotional punch that will steal your breath. The sex is some of the best I’ve read. Riding Double is a story not to be missed. The characters are flawed and their coming to terms with their connection to each other was beautiful to read. The sex is scorching and the poignant moments will bring you to tears.

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And our dedicated follower Danica Avet has just landed herself an agent! Congrats on that lady and I’m proud of you! Can’t wait for more DETAILS!

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  1. Step nothing! Go ahead and stomp on my post, cowgirl! Laughing and dancing in place for you! Tuesday should be especially interesting! Expect details e-mailed, STAT!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Sayde! What a wonderful review…

  3. Great review, Sayde!

  4. Sayde–You will update us with new reviews as they come in, right?

    • SOMEBODY NAMED RUNERE built an awesome website and didn’t even invite me to go look! What should I do to her?? WHIP her????

      • Ooooo, baby! Careful, Steve might get jealous! LOL I figured everyone had looked it up and had their turn at giggling! I see so much wrong with it, it makes me nervous to mention it! (But thanks! The pat on my head is appreciated! It took lots and lots of excedrin to fix the ache from building it!)

  5. Congrats Sayde, How awesome, I bet your riding on cloud 9…whoot!!!!!!!…. we’re so proud of you.. Keep us posted..

  6. Late again.. Congrats, Sayde Grace. Happy for you. RitaVF

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