Happy West-Day!

Making a little change this week, in honor of our newly-published Sizzler, Sayde Grace. Her kinky cowboy story, Riding Double, is being released by Wild Rose Press Friday! You guys seriously need to read this – but don’t leave it lying around where the kids can find it!

We are all proud of our Sayde, who in addition to being a great writer is just one of the nicest, most down-to-earth people you’ll meet. I’m not sure how she manages to be active in two RWA chapters, raise two small children, care for a husband and various livestock, and get so much writing done. Just thinking about how she spends her days exhausts me! (And thinking about the way her heroine spends her nights really exhausts me!)

So here, instead of a wet guy, are a few Western guys for Sayde. Hope y’all enjoy!

6 Responses

  1. Sorry I was late — meant to sneak out to a wifi cafe at lunch, but I forgot the cord to the laptop. Then have Personnel and Policy Review til 7 pm. :>(
    Anyway, it’s here now. I’m starting to kind of like cowboys!

  2. Um, all I can say is . . . .

    YEE FREAKIN’ HAAWWW!!!!!! Go, Ro’mama!! lol

    My God, where did you find these hard-bodied, blue-jeaned, leather-chapped gods of cowboy manhood!?! Fanning myself and looking for the closest rodeo!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I see why Sayde likes these hunky fellows! Oh, wait, wait! Supposed to be doing something here. Oh, yeah. Now I remember. Supposed to congratulate Sayde! lol Sorry, got a little faint there. Momentary loss of concentration. Pics keep distracting me!

  3. Perfect choice, Romama. Congrats to Sayde. RitaVf

  4. Niiiiiiice!!

  5. Sayde- have you even gotten excited yet? You’ve been the picture of calm over the whole thing.

  6. Lol, wonderful! Great pics and thank you so much! I’m not the picture of dedication that you ladies paint me to be! I haven’t written anything in four days!

    As to being excited, kinda. I know I know! What’s wrong with me but honestly I’m more nervous than excited.

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