Sizzler Sayde Grace Celebrates Publication

     A first for the Sizzlers!! Congrats to Sizzler Sayde Grace on the publication of RIDING DOUBLE, her debut novella with The Wilder Rose Press (Scarlett Rose). According to Sayde’s critique partner, Rebecca Zanetti, RIDING DOUBLE is “very HOT, very spicy.” Sayde Grace got THE CALL just before Christmas. She revised and resubmitted, then signed her contract on February 7th. RIDING DOUBLE will be released in digital format on May 7, 2010 – that’s THIS FRIDAY.    

     Sayde Grace vividly brings to RIDING DOUBLE her personal experience with rodeos and horses (that’s Sayde riding). In RIDING DOUBLE Billie, a rodeo production company owner, turns to young bareback rider Chet Haskins for a night of fun. She expects to get her mind off her business and her bull rider ex-fiancée, Bo Bennett. What she gets is several nights of sinful pleasure with both Chet AND Bo.    

     Finding herself quite literally between two hot cowboys, will Billie decide to move forward with Chet or start over with Bo? Find out by preordering RIDING DOUBLE at: product_info&products_id=771    

Sayde Grace


     What’s next for Sayde Grace? While building her writing career, Sayde lives with her husband and two preschoolers on a 25-acre rural estate with 5 horses and various other animals. RIDING DOUBLE is the first in the “Cowgirl Tough” Series. Two additional novellas are scheduled for the series with options for other character spinoffs later. WTG, Sayde Grace.    

FYI. The Sizzlers were born when seven unpublished romance writers united to share our journey to publication and various other pursuits/interests. Sayde’s our first pubbed romance author.  For the remaining six, our journey continues. See you Moonday, Rita VF


10 Responses

  1. May 7th is NOT Tuesday unless I am living in a time warp. LOL!

  2. LOL, Hey I liked it. Made me look at my calender and the date stood out even more! Thanks Rita for the interview! I’m beyond excited but to brag I believe at least two more of our Sizzler’s have publishing news too.

    • Sorry about the day. Fixed it. You’re right aout the publishing–several of us are published either in nonfiction or other fiction gerres. For the SIzzlers, we’re only counting romance, and your’re the first to be published. The Sizzlers are so proud of you. I plan to order today. RitaVF

    • Thanks, Sayde- I’m proud of the stuff I have published even if some people discount the importance of the fact that someone besides me likes my stories! HAHAHA

      • I will be the first in line to buy your next publication (not the law book, but your stories). I plan to have a complete signed collection of Sizzler pulications. I hope to fill a bookcase with them. RitaVF

  3. Congratulations, Sayde Grace! Will be ordering it for sure! I’m so proud and excited that one of us has stepped out on the romance publishing road!

    And thank you Rita for taking care of your own with this post on Sayde Grace! You do so much for the Sizzlers, whether interviews, or a shoulder to howl on, or a stiff “uncross-those-arms-and-quit-pouting. It’s impossible to write that way.” Every one of the Sizzlers means so much to me, and to see one of them succeed feels euphoric!

    • Thanks so much, Runere. I’m SO happy for Sayde G. THe Sizzlers plan to promote Sayde’s book at every opportunity. sfcatty started with the intro yesterday. I posted today. Then sfcatty is doing a full interview with Sayde Grace next weekend hopefully featuring a wet cowboy or two. Love you all. RitaVF

  4. Thanks again ladies! I’m so happy you all are so excited. I’m getting there myself! Can’t believe it’s coming out THIS FRIDAY. Holy hell!!

  5. Congrats Sayde!!

  6. Ohhhh Saydegrace!!!! I’m thrilled beyond words, and can’t wait to get it. Will it be a ebook right? Woohoo.. I could just squeeze you.. I’m almost there beside you. Goodness, I can’t wait.. I love my sizzlers sisters all of you… YOUR THE BEST!!!! WE’LL ALL MAKE IT.. we will, we will, we will.. love you all Paula

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