Badurday May 1, 2010

A little business before we get to the bad boy of the day.  As you all know, this is a blog of seven very diverse women that have somehow found a way to get along (for the most part- LOL!). Anyway, one of our own, Sayde Grace, has her first published story coming out this week (May 7th to be exact) from The Wild Rose Press.  It is called Riding Double and it is an erotic short story.  We are very, very proud of her and are too excited for words. She was always going to be successful because she’s a great story teller but also because she is the submitting queen. She doesn’t let a week go by without at least one submission going out.  Anyway, she is doing a blog tour the next few weeks and she will be here next Badurday with an interview. Stay tuned for that AND I promise, there will be some sexy dude on here, too.  I would never let you down on that score.  So, come back next week.  Also follow Sayde on Twitter to see where she is blogging in the next weeks. 

OK- here is the bad boy of the week.  I just discovered this guy last week.  How he passed under my radar, I don’t know. But now that I have discovered him, I’ll be checking out other things he’s in.  In the movie I saw him in this week, Flower Girl, he played a romance writer in disguise.  So BAD of him, huh? Here is Kieren Hutchison: 

William Tell never looked this good in real life, did he?


7 Responses

  1. Another triumph for Badurday! I have missed him too, but will be checking Netflix for his backlist now!

    And we just can’t say enough about our Sayde! I’ve read Riding Double in bits and pieces during the crit process, and I cannot wait to read the final version! (DH *has* to install the new ebook battery this week!)

  2. Never heard of him but you are so right! Great Choice!.

    I’ll have words aout Sayde tomorrow in a special Sunday post.

  3. Can’t wait to read Riding Double. I’ve been watching Sayde here for awhile and have a whole new appreciation of Rodeo cowboys because of her.

    As for Kieran he’s just fabulous. Where has he been hiding. Going to IMDB to check him out and find something to watch today.

  4. Sfcatty, I can’t help but wonder where, oh, where you keep finding these beautiful men! I bow to your superior abilities! LOL And feel free to keep showing us up. Please. Pant, pant, pant.

    So proud of Sayde! And I can’t help it, my lips just fly open with: “See? I told you you’d be published soon, Cowgirl!” Can’t wait to get the full Riding Double! The bits and pieces were enough to ensure I do!

  5. Thanks for all the comments, girls. I TRY hard on these guys. Glad you appreciate it.

  6. Wow, what a hottie. Now I’ve got to find some hot cowboy’s to one up him! Thanks alot, I’m going to just suffer trying to do that 🙂

    And thanks soooo much everyone! I get some free copies and I’d love to give you all one, hell I’d just email it to you if I wouldn’t get in trouble. Thanks for the support 🙂

  7. Sayde- sorry to make you suffer! LOL!

    Nope- don’t give us your books- we wanna help you get your royalties!

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