A Question and Our Contest Winners!

Two things going on this week:

First of all, I am trying to locate a beta reader. I love my sizzle sisters, but I need someone I don’t know to read my stuff and tell me whether it is awful or not. They love me, and even if they are telling me the truth when they say they like something, I don’t know whether to believe it. I need someone who doesn’t care if she hurts my feelings.

I am willing — even eager — to read historicals for someone else, so maybe we can locate someone else in need of honest criticism. Sorry, I don’t read enough paranormal or contemporary to see myself giving a valid opinion on them. But I know my historicals, and if having read hundreds (maybe thousands) over the years has given me any credibility on them, I will be glad to work with someone.

So if you have a suggestion about where to find a beta reader for historicals, leave me a comment.

And second, we got some really interesting entries in our Wetsday contest. It was quite delightful getting to vet the candidates. Some really nice pictures! So I will be bringing you some of the suggestions over the next few weeks.

Our winner combined the factors of masculine pulchritude and unexpectedness — she nominated a Wetguy I had never heard of before. But you can bet I will be checking IMDB to see what he is working on in the future.

So with thanks to Jamie, here is the wet, wonderful Stephen Dorff:

And Danica won the consolation drawing. So if Jamie will write me to say whether she wants the autographed Angie Fox paranormal or the autographed Suzanne Enoch historical, I will get her selection in the mail to her and sent Danica the other.

Thanks to all our entrants!!!

14 Responses

  1. So, you didn’t post the picture I sent??? Too risque?

    Thanks for not believing us. MAN! What a bummer.

  2. Stephen Dorff? Wasn’t he the little kid in The Gate? Horrible 80’s horror movie now that I look back at it, but at the time it scared me spitless.

    I’d love to read your story Ro-mama. I’m a paranormal writer though, so I couldn’t send anything back your way. If you’re interested, drop me a line 🙂

  3. Hellooooo, yummy! 🙂 I want to see sfcatty’s picture now. 🙂 Thanks for picking my hero’s look-alike. Can I have the Angie Fox book?

    Happy Wetsday!

  4. Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?!? Is that a SNAKE in Dorff’s hands? Or what?!?

    He sure is nice to look at, so I’d like to personally thank Jamie for making it a lovelier morning with her winner! lol

  5. Looks like she went back and put him in just before I did- I swear the towel pic was not there when I logged on this morning.

  6. Oh, Ro’mama! SOoooo glad you caved! LOL I love it, love it, LOVE it!

  7. Ok, ok. Yes, I held out on yall. This is (more or less) a family blog. Or at least a SFW blog.

    But given all that, he is a fine hunk of something, ain’t he?

  8. Whew – after a heck of a Wednesday, this blog was just what I needed!

  9. This picture is not as bad as the ones I posted of the football calendar, if you recall.

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