Badurday with a real former bad Guy

This week’s bad boy actually went to prison at one time when he was a teen. He was a young man that had a drug habit and at age 16, spent time in  jail for assault.  He credits that stint with helping him get motivated to turn his life around. He also used that time to go from scrawny kid to buff man. And buff he still is.  He became Marky -Mark, rapper and underwear model for Calvin Klein.  And was Madonna’s boy toy for awhile. 

He finally decided to use his grown up name, Mark, and become an actor.

He played a really bad guy in a movie called Fear with William Peterson and Reese Witherspoon.  Great movie.  He was a real creep-a-zoid.  He is a great looking man – and becoming more and more an incredible actor.

AND one last view of that buff dude: 


5 Responses

  1. Loved him in Shooter film, and can’t believe he’s the same guy my husband took six teen gilrs to his New Kids on the Block concert. They told him stay on the terrace, (teen embarrassment of a parent) so he retaliated by putting them all in neon orange t-shirts to see them on the floor!

    Quite a remarkable actor now! And hot!

  2. Wasn’t he in Perfect Storm, too? Such a lovely man. I agree it’s hard to remember him as a NKOTB — he has aged well.

  3. Shows how much I know. I thought his brother, Donnie, was the one in the New Kids on the Block- can’t say I ever listened to them- can’t even name a tune.

  4. Late as always, but Mark Wahlberg…le sigh. His brother was in NKOTB (which I really, REALLY disliked even though my friends loved them). He’s a great actor. Simply wonderful. If I had to pick my favorite movie he’s in it would have to be Rock Star. With his long hair, leather pants, and no shirt. Oh yeah…And yeah, I really dug him when he was rapping as Marky Mary and the Funky Bunch.

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