Badurday- April 17

Change of pace this week.  A singer that also acts.  I’m a bit in a funk and can’t really think of anything he was in that he was bad but he sure looks BAD HOT in this picture and that’s good enough to me for him to qualify for Badurday.   Not so rhetorical question: if you were Jesse’s Girl, would you stay with this unknown Jesse or would you say, “Uh, Jess, you know, I’m really digging on your friend, Rick and um, I think I’ll be going with him. Sorry, dude.”     I’m just saying

He’s adorable and can sing very well.  I actually have his Christmas album and it is a great listen, too.  Enjoy.  Rick Springfield.  What a grin.

EDITED TO ADD:  we hit out 1,000th comment today.  COOL!


8 Responses

  1. Oh, yessss! Memories of my sorority cutting classes so we could all go watch General Hospital and drool over the lovely Dr. Noah Drake! He was HAWT then and he has aged with grace.

    As for the funk, some editors remind me of some judges. You know to whom I refer. JUST SAYIN’!

  2. N-i-i-i-ce! Like something well-seasoned, I think Rick has actually improved with age. And the music! Today I’ll be humming the good stuff as I go about my business, and it’s totally thanks to you!

    • Agreed, I still have “Jesse’s Girl” in my head this morning. And the heck I say, with Jesse, bring on Rick!
      Humming along with ya, girl!

  3. Bye Jesse. Hellooooo Rick!

  4. Loved his music. That said, he was gorgeous then and has held up VERY well. Thanks for the reminder. RitaVF

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