Paranormal/Romantic Suspense Wetsday

It feels sometimes like everyone is writing this deep, dark stuff. Vampires, zombies, or at least a murder or two. We frivolous souls who want to hang out at routs, Italian breakfasts, and hunt balls just seem so shallow in comparison.

So I am going to try to walk on the shadowy side today. My oldest, aka DD#1, has introduced me to a new series on Netflix. She has decided that she wants to major in forensic anthropology since she started watching Bones. Now, just as majoring in Psych didn’t make my life turn into The Bob Newhart Show, I’m thinking that studying how skeletons decay isn’t going to give her Emily Deschanel’s exciting fictional life. But I have to say, if being a forensic anthropologist means I get to work with FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, sign me up.

And our wetsday gentleman is not just a Romantic Suspense hero. For all you paranormal chicklets (the Sizzlers I mean know who they are), in a former incarnation, he was the yummy, tormented vampire from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the eponymous Angel.

So for all you fans of romantically suspenseful, paranormally attractive wet guys, here is David Boreanaz:

He can come nibble on my neck any time he chooses. . .


9 Responses

  1. I LOVE him! Bones is one of my favorite shows. My hubs records it and won’t watch it with me because I like to pause it during certain shots. I could stare at that man for hours (and have). Great pick this week!

  2. Ooooh yes…yummy, yummy! I love Bones as well though I don’t watch it as much as I want to. I really dig the interaction between Bones and Booth. They’re so perfect for each other!

  3. Oh, puh-lease, woman! You can’t fool us. Some of the deepest darkest manipulation and political intrigue was conducted via and between the tons! lol Much scarier than those old Vamps and Weres because it was real!

    And you never know; DD#1 may be the one to live the experience like Bones and Booth do. (Not a bad thing to aspire to if she gets to look at something like Booth all day!)

    Don’t know where you keep coming up with such delicious pics from, but I’m sure glad you know how to mine your resources for such gems!

  4. Excellent choice!! He really is gorgeous and you found WET!! Tell DD#1 that Bones is based on a real person who is a forensic anthropologist of some sort that writes books on the side. However, I have toured the AL State Forensic Lab at USA Medical Center. It is a sad place. Also, have her Google “coffin juice”, or just use your imaginationl. RitaVF

  5. He really is yummy, isn’t he? 🙂

  6. Nice choice RoMa but did you know there is an even yummier real life FBI agent in our own city? Each time he has come to my office, my peeps go nutso- He’s quite a man!

  7. Oh I do so love Bones. Loved him as Angel but Bone’s is just the man.

  8. I have to admit you did really good on this one. I watched Angel a few times, and Bones alot.. and he’s a cutie..

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