Badurday April 10, 2010

I watched a really intriguing movie this week called Twisted.  I’m behind the times. It came out in 2004. Never heard of it back then. It was really a good movie.  Had our bad boy in it as well as Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson.  I recommend it.  My #2 son says that Samuel L’ Jackson says the “F” word in every single movie he’s in. Interesting side note- In the rated PG13 movie, 1401– Samuel said the “F” word. Wonder how they got that past the censors?

Ok. back to Badurday.   This guy was a member of the Godfather saga and was a bad boy in the Ocean’s movies.  He also played gangster Lucky Luciano in Hoodlum

But he has played some good guys. Lots of good guys.  He played a G-man in one of the first things I remembered seeing him in. The Untouchables. He was one of Ness’ men. Sean Connery was great  in that one, too. Kevin “whiney voice” Costner was passable.

Who can resist him?  And one of the most awesome things about him is the long term of his marriage.  27 years.  That to me, is dead sexy.  To stay true.  To one woman.



7 Responses

  1. When the tags came up on my email, I thought “Nooooo! She cannot be featuring Whiney-Butt Costner on a blog of which I am a part! This is treason!” Should have known you would find a winner. Love me some Andy Garcia! Excellent choice.

  2. Mr. A is dead sexy in every way! And an impressive actor.

    (I love ro’mama when she feels threatened, don’t you? lol But she agreed with your tastey choice in the end, so all’s well.)

    Beautiful man, beautiful post.

    • Not threatened, Runere, just cannot see the Costner attraction. To quote Bridget (as I often do): Never loved him, And I never will.

      • I second that motion, and may I get an Amen? Has puzzled me forever, too. But he’s still working so he has fans. His band is playing a casino on the coast this month. Haven’t heard him sing. You?

    • RoMa gets a little tense sometimes, yeah?

  3. Runere- Kevin sings??? Would that be a caterwaul?

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