Wetsday Observations: Shhh, It’s a Secret!

When I was little, my family had a firm rule about Christmas or birthday presents. They never let me know what anyone was getting, because I am the biggest secret-teller in the family. Whatever I knew, everyone knew. As my brother puts it: “There four forms of mass communication – telephone, telegraph, television, and tell Arabella.”

Which is why I am sitting here, about to explode with the fabitty fabulousness of some secrets I am in on! I can’t reveal all yet, but I will just say, “Look out Publishing World – the Sizzlers Have Arrived!!!!”

I will give y’all one clue – it isn’t me! But some members of this wild and wonderful group have got some really good things in store for their readers in the next few months.

And that’s all I’ll say. Y’all are just gonna have to keep checking in here at the Sizzle to stay up on the news.

And speaking of secrets, some of you may be starting to get suspicious. Yes, it’s true. I am having a mad passionate affaire du coeur with Colin Firth. We meet up at the Hampton Inn in Crestview between his oscar parties and my school board meetings. What one must do for love. . . .

That last bit was just to annoy SaydeGrace, who thinks my obsession with all things Firth is a bit weird. And also so that I can use ODB as the wet man this week. Here he is, in all his British glory:


11 Responses

  1. That was YOU making all that noise while Gerard and I were enjoying the afterglow?? My goodness. I thought that hotel was my little secret. Hmph.

    As for the secret you will not mention, I know there’s a lot of talent in this group. It was just a matter of time before the rest of the world realized it!

    • Yeah, well, who do you think introduced Gerard to the delights of downtown Crestview? This is not a coincidence, my friend.

      • *gasp* You mean he wasn’t waiting patiently for me to finish my affair with Christian Bale?? WTF! That liar. I’ll have to spank him 😉

  2. Wish I was in on the secret! OOOOH- it just dawned on me as tryped this. DOH! I DO know the secret.

    • DUH! Obviously you were spending too much time checking out “my friend” to remember your business.

  3. Sitting here laughing (in a nice way, of course!) as you hint, and hint, and hint–yet oh-so-carefully guard what you were trusted with!

    Hopefully you can tell soon before you explode! (And I agree; they ARE fantastic secrets!!! But I’m not telling, either!)

  4. I want in on the secret! And before I begin to receive hate mail about me making fun of Romama and Firth it was all in good fun. I love her obession with the man, it takes attention away from my own obessions!

    • LIke SFCatty, Sayde is just too busy with her own business to remember that she already knows! But we’d never leave her out of the loop on this!

  5. More hints! More hints! I’m dying to know. Wait, has it been mentioned on twitter? I might know what you’re talking about. If not, hurry up and dish!

    BTW, LOVE Firth! 😛 Sayde.

  6. What?!?! Colin was in MY town and I didn’t know it? I’m so depressed now. 😉

    Can’t wait to hear the news!! (I miss all the good stuff by not being on Twitter, I’m discovering…)

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