Tuesday’s Industry News

Hello everyone. As most of my Sizzler’s know I’m in the last 10k of finishing my current wip. Most of it has already been edited so I’m very close to saying I’m DONE!  But what usually happens happened again, I’ve started researching the next better book 🙂 But as I’m researching this book I figured out a few things.

1. My story is a cliché. It’s been done very well by quite a few people.

2. It’s in a genre which is currently very hard to break into.

3. It’s got a huge amount of research in store.

So why is this industry news? Well simple, with each of my above mentioned “problems” they have solutions that can be used in all books. Recently I read in RWR that all books have a base which is a cliché, a story line done over and over. Well this particular story has been done over and over but I love it, love reading it, watching it on tv, and will love writing it. So I don’t want to change it, but because of the cliché and my number two “problem” I realize that I must try something new for this book. So I’ve went ahead and mixed genres. What’s more is I’ve gone ahead and picked a character who I can cross over rules with. Anyone who has ever written paranormal will tell you that while a few years ago there were strict rules about what a vampire, demon, werewolf, or ghosts could do, those rules have lightened a little. We are now able to make the rules as we go just as long as we stay true to the myths in some way.

And I found in the research I’ve already started that to find anything specific about the military elites you have to get insider information. This being said, not only have I tried searching google, military sites, and etc but I sent out messages on Twitter and Face Book asking for information. So far I’ve gotten a good deal of info back. It’s amazing what people will share with you and while I give my hats off to the military I believe that our country owes the men, women, and their families more.

So when you are thinking up the next big idea, don’t be afraid to take a tried and true story and make it your own. In fact from my research those stories are selling like wildfire.  You never know where the story will lead you and it’s always a fun ride so don’t be afraid to put that spin on your favorite story line, and when you are a NYTimes Best Seller remember the Sizzlers told you so 🙂

Inspiration for the new book:


8 Responses

  1. Run with it, girl! And if you want some good info, get thyself to a local VFW and USO. We still have men and women all over the world, so hitting the knees or bowing the head for a quick shout out to The Man now and then sure doesn’t hurt either.

  2. Go for it! Mixed genres are becoming more popular…well, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Most books are rarely just one thing anymore. You can do it. Runere has a great idea. There are people who are willing to share their experiences, you just have to seek them out.

  3. Sounds like a grand plan. I have a client that was a Navy Seal and he would be HAPPY to enthrall you with stories and insider info. He has a great arsenal of that stuff- be glad to put you in touch-

    Good luck with it.

  4. Go for it, Sayde! I can’t wait to see it in stores. Good luck!

  5. Thanks everyone!! You will all be happy to know that I have added another 2k to my WIP which brings me close to my goal and the light at the end of the tunnel is glowing so bright I can almost touch it!

    And then I shall move onto the black op demons 🙂 Yes thats right! I’m writing about demons next. But first is Kipling a bad name for a demon? I love that name but…

  6. Kipling isn’t bad…I kind of like it.

  7. I love Kipling- call him Kip. Great nickname for that type character!

  8. Good for you. I’ve outlined and researched an angel and demon paranormal Regency historical. Why not? Good luck to us both!

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