Easter Greetings & Beyond the Egg – The Shroud of Turin

     Happy Easter! Moonday comes a little early this week and the Heroic Hunk in History returns next week.
     Besides telling a story, art allows us to picture things in ways we might not imagine on our own or gives us a departure point for our own ideas. This early Moonday features a couple of my favorites–Michelangelo’s Pieta (Descent from the Cross-One of his later ones) and Tintoretto’s Resurrection. Both are from the 16th century Italian Renaissance which is my favorite period for art.
     ALSO, if you are fascinated by the Shroud of Turin like I am, the new Face of Jesus History Channel special will air again this afternoon (Sunday, 4 pm and again on Saturday, April10th). Scientists were allowed to work with the shroud to digitize a Face of Jesus. Really interesting show!! If you watch it, compare Jesus’s face on the Pieta to the Shroud’s depiction. Did Michelangelo ever see the Shroud?
     ANYWAY, Happy Easter to everyone. RitaVF





2 Responses

  1. The shroud of Turin is one of the most fascinating pieces of religious history. And it’s remarkable how closely the face of Christ on Mechelangelo’s Pieta resembles the 3-D version recently recreated from marks on the Shroud. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    You chose two beautiful pieces for Moonsday, Rita. Reminding us that redemption can come from another’s selfless sacrifice.

  2. Nice post, Rita. Very apropos.

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