I-Wanna-See-A-Cowboy, Ba-by!

Title hummed to Kid Rock’s tune of course! Sure do miss Sayde’s pretty cowboys! I have an addiction and it’s all her fault! I need a fix, woman! So maybe she can tell me who the first two are. The third one I already know, and he wants a roping horse!



But that isn’t the point of the post. Seems I’m up for Mean Mama of the Year Award. Sayde’s been alerted to some of the more humorous aspects of a non-cowby doing cowboy-ish things. One of my sons is dealing with PTSD from Iraq and was advised to join some civic groups to help counter some of the alienation effects. He loves kids. Kindred spirits, I guess. One high school rodeo and he was hooked, signed and sworn in. Down to boots and a cowboy hat, something that had never graced his jarhead pate. Had a situation with a loose bull at the practice arena where he went all Hoo-rah and bailed in to help. 

A training bull isn’t something anyone tackles voluntarily; even though they’re only yearlings they go between 300-450 pounds and have horns. But when kids can get hurt someone always does. This time it was my son. However, he should have considered a few things first. Number one: He is not a cowboy. Number two: He was a Marine; Marines don’t have the sensitivity necessary for catch and release. Number three: He ain’t 23 any more. (Best part was all the kiddies managed to squirt over the arena walls and into truck beds! Nothing slow about them!)

Not only did Son catch up to the bull, he managed to grab it by the head and slam it to the ground. Everyone thought the crack was the bull’s neck. Seems they stood around whistling waiting for the thing to croak over dead. Like one guy said later, “Why rush in when the problem’s already been solved?”  

For the sake of nicety and censorship rules we’ll leave out the two following minutes before someone realized “It ain’t dying!” and rushed out to tie the animal being grimly held onto by its horns and Sonny Boy thrashing around in the dust together.  Not wanting to be called a non-cowboy, dumba–I mean, Son–stayed until things were over. And every few minutes one of the kids would sidle up next to him and ask “So. You wanna be a cowboy?” and run off laughing.

Just thought I’d post the end results of a non-cowboy trying to cowboy-up. Well, and assuage my guilt for fussing at him to stop whining while laid up on the couch. Turns out he broke his leg when the bull fell on him. I know he doesn’t remember the trip back from the hospital for x-rays. The doc temporarily splinted it and zooted him up on Demerol and Fenegren, and we probably could have poured him under the door once home. Every question I asked was answered with a grin and a thumbs up.  I grabbed his jacket to carry inside and a horn (??!!??) fell out. Checked the pockets and found another one. Turns out they decided that bull was too unpredictable and dangerous to be worked with. So he cut its horns off. Didn’t ask what they did with the rest of the animal but I don’t think he was mumbling Coronas in a bucket. Pretty sure it was cajones.


He’s impatient to get back to the arena; I keep barking at him to elevate it, so we spend a lot of time glaring at each other. We’re at that tenuous point between my wrapping my hands around his grouchy throat while waiting for the swelling to go down and casting tomorrow. (Please, God, I’m begging!) So, not wanting that award, this is for him: I’m so very sorry for not being more sympathetic to your painful plight.

There, did that sound sincere enough?


12 Responses

  1. Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry. I hope you still have some hair left. Don’t pull it all out yet. Go for a walk, take some deep breaths, and a few shots of whiskey. I hope everything gets better soon.

    Sending hugs your way ❤

  2. Jerry’s the one hurt, so feel more sorry for him. lol And the bull–well, steer now–still lives, but has been transferred to the “meat” pasture for the next six months. As in, can you say T-bone?

  3. Love the story. Hope he feels better, bull who is now a steer probably doesn’t, though . I would imagine Jerry’s PTSD is in remission temporarily. Between the pain med and all those hormones flowing, Jerry’s probably feeling lots better. Best to him and thank him for his service Rita VF

  4. I’m glad he’s gonna be okay! The bull is a steer now? Harsh. But deserved, I guess, after his behavior.

    Love the cowboys — especially #3!

    • I really, truely and sincerely hope Sayde knows who they are! Things went so fast for the autograph session with grandson dragging me around I lost track of who was who! But every one of them took time with the kids after the rodeo. GREAT bunch of guys!

  5. Hi I think some of you might want to take a look at our collection of affordable cowboy hats. These quality cowboy hat are perfect for all cowboy events including RODEO and TRAIL RIDING!

  6. Glad he got the Bull by the Horns AND the horns to boot. Hope he feels better.

  7. WOW, you put me so on the spot on this one. OK, I need hints. I know the first one is a rouch stock rider and I’m guessing the second is a team roper or calf roper. And let’s see I haven’t a clue to third one 🙂 but he’s the best looking one there! What circuit are we talking about here?

    And OMG, I’m so evil. I see the pictures of your sons leg and I’m thinking, “Oh poor thing.” Then I bust out lauging! I know I’m so evil but I can’t help it. Maybe it’s because you sent me an email before this but I just can’t see that without seeing those kids shaking their heads and asking if he still wants to be a cowboy?

    I know I’m horrible, for *@%$’s sake he served our country, and is helping kids, he tried to save a kid. I should NOT be laughing!!

    • We just got back from Jackson. I think it’s about 1:30 in the morning but I’m not sure. My eyes keep crossing. Anyway, turns out Jerry has to have surgery for the break. Seems the ankle was partially crushed, and he has to have bone fragments removed and tendons repaired as soon as the swelling goes down enough to hold sutures..

      But don’t feel bad about laughing, Sayde. He had everybody in orthopedics in hysterics telling stories about ‘cowboying-up’. And whatever they gave him before putting on the pressure splint made him three times as entertaining!

  8. So sorry to hear about Jerry. Keep him honest after the surgery and don’t let him overdo it too soon. Young bones heal quickly but all too often folks overdo it too soon and regret it later. Later Rita VF

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