Tuesday’s Industry News

Hello everyone! Today is the first of many posts where I Sayde Grace will let you all know a little about what is going on in the writing industry. Today I’m featuring a contest from Kensington Publishing. Now you all know that I adore Kensington and would love to be published by them so I’m a little bias on this post. But a few days ago a Kensington Brava author brought this contest to my attention and I thought “what better way to start off my industry posts than this?”

Alicia Condon has announced that Brava will be participating in “Writing with the Stars”. The rules have not yet been posted but here are a little of the details posted on the Brava Authors blog by Mrs. Condon:

“We all have our favorite reality TV shows – Donna Kauffman blogs about American Idol; next year Kensington will be publishing a paranormal send up of The Real Housewives series; and now Brava has its own Writing with the Stars contest. In conjunction with RT Book Reviews, Brava is sending out a call to unpublished writers of paranormal, historical and contemporary romance , as well as romantic suspense: We’re looking for a hot debut novel to be published in 2012 under the Brava imprint at Kensington.”

Now for those of you who have been teetering back and forth about a novel you are writing, have tried to write, or are thinking of writing this is a great opportunity to get your behind in gear and get ready for “Writing with the Stars”.

For more info here is the direct link to Mrs. Condon’s post : http://www.bravaauthors.com/blog/2010/03/26/writing-with-the-stars/#more-2479

Now I look forward to seeing ten of our followers as finalist so get busy and get ready, I’ll be looking for you all in the finalist column!

Oh and just because I was forced to watch the kids choice awards here is just a glimpse of what made it worth while:


Thank god this kid finally turned 18, I was starting to feel bad about thinking how hot he is. They so did not make em’ like this when I was 18(except you honey! You’re the exception, that’s why I love ya 🙂 ). But really, when did high school guys look like this??

All right so now go forth and write, get ready to bring your A game because I want to see some Sizzlers and Sizzlets on that finalist page!


7 Responses

  1. Great post, Sayde Grace. Industry news will be great and that is one good-looking boy. Glad it’s legal. RVF

  2. Dark hair, dark eyes . . . sigh. And built, too!.

    Almost built Cowgirl Tough! (Sorry! Quick and shameless blurb for Sayde! lol)

    And just think, ladies, he hasn’t finished growning yet! I definately want to stick around and see the finished product. Y’all with me on that?

    • I’ll probably be in a wheelchiar then. Rita

      • What’s the mathmatical equation for wheel rotation as compared to length of stride on a running human for distance? If I start working on my arms now, I bet I could catch him! lol

        Then again, I may just hang back a bit and watch! (I know, shameless! But it sure sounds like fun!)

  3. Sayde, girl, I know what you mean on Taylor! Thanks to DD#2 I have the life size flat daddy of Jacob Black staring down the hall at me every morning when I stagger out of bed. His eighteenth birthday was a major celebration at our house.

    Love the industry news, too! Gotta check out the contest — and get my BIC and writing!!!

  4. I heard about this contest last week and I’ve already saved the information away. I’m definitely going to give it a shot and hope that I make it further than ‘Thank you for sending in your entry…’ lol

    *sigh* There were some really cute guys when I was in high school, but no…they didn’t look like this.

  5. Nope. Won’t do it. I can never break that 60,000 word barrier. I’m lean and mean. They wouldn’t like my style. I’ll just cheer you on from the sidelines! Great post!

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