Announcing Phantasy Fridays

Hey everyone! Runere here!

This is just a teaser for what is to come on Fridays. If you’ve heard I hunt ghosts, it’s true. Didn’t make it in until five o’clock this morning, and unpacking and setting up some very extensive equipment only to tear it down again several hours later on no sleep can be pretty grueling. I know most don’t believe, so out of respect for those individuals, in each post about ‘ghosting’ I’ll try to include something useful for paranormal writers to make their own writing as realistic as possible for their readers.

But as interesting as I find tracking paranormal manifestations, I also hunt the physical, the tangible.

The real.

And this Phantasy Friday I’ll introduce you to something real: a most hauntingly beautiful piece of music that remained hidden in plain sight for over six hundred years. Plus some intriguing physics behind it!

Sure hope your curiosity is piqued! As much as mine was last night by having my braid draped over my shoulder by an unseen hand! And this time we got it on film!

Do I have you yet? I certainly hope so!

Until Phantasy Friday,


2 Responses

  1. Looking forward to it, my friend. Intrigued by the music teaser. I always look forward to Fridays and this will add the icing to the cake!

  2. As I sit watching all day reruns of the Merlin series on SciiFi while completing my edits, your announcement of Phantasy Fridays was a welcome one indeed. I look forward to you sharing the stories and whimsies that dance in your head and catch your fancy. Rita

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