Badurday- Close to Full Moon Edition

Today’s moon is a waxing gibbous, at 91% of full.  In honor of that, I have chosen a werewolf as the bad boy of the day.   When I was in elemetary school in the great state of Virginia, my sister and I would RUN everyday off the bus to our house to get there in time to watch what we thought was the most brilliant show on television.  When I grew up, this show came out on DVD and I asked for it for Christmas that year.  AND  It is so cheesy that I get lactose intolerant watching it.  So funny how things change, huh?  

Anyway, the sister love Barnabas, the vampire.  But for moi, there was no other man than Quentin Collins (sigh).  He was so rugged and handsome.  AND I wanted to be Daphne (Kate Jackson).  This show Dark Shadows was an integral part of my upbringing and made me love the Gothic genre. 

Our bad boy also played on Falcon Crest as Richard Channing.  He was evil to start with but mellowed as the show went on. 

Anyone ever watch him in Flamingo Road?  He was pretty bad there, too.

So without further ado, here is David Selby A/K/A Quentin Collins.

Quentin and Dapne

5 Responses

  1. Brings back memories! Unfortunately, even then I couldn’t commit to serials but the program paved the way for many other shows. RitaVF

  2. Oh, yeah! Quentin and Barnabas rocked the whole werewolf/vampire thing with brooding Gothic hawtness that Jacob and Edward can only dream of. Had their Tiger Beat poster on my wall.

  3. Sounding off with a long, haunting Aaooooooo—hack! cough! (Sorry, furball.) I mean OMG did you EVER find one of the hottest werewolves ever! I LOVED that show with and unexplainable and unreasonable passion! Yep, the secret’s out– I’m a Dark Shadows groupie.

    Give Edward and Jacob time to season, Ro’mama. You never know what they’ll grow into! lol But I agree, at this point, Quentin and Barnabus can’t be touched!

    Tu fait tros bonne, ma femme ami! Manifique!

  4. Yay, Dark Shadows! I loved it and watched it after school every afternoon! Loved that Barnabas and his lady love, Angelique!


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