Wonderful Friday

Happy Friday girls. I love Fridays. I know one of you will post over this with some hunk, but that’s ok. I just wanted to say hi to my Sizzlers sisters. It was wonderful spending time with you over the conference.

I checked out Samhain Publishing.com and it’s an awesome site. Great cover pictures too. winks. I’m still working on my stuff before I send it out. I’m so scared I can’t even think straight anymore.

I’m so excited though I feel like I’m still flying on a high. Not to mention being posted on Barbara’s blog. I’m framing it!!!! She’s my inspiration that I have one foot in the door and I’m pushing my way in. grins. I told her she’s family now. There’s no getting rid of me.

And before I go.. I love each of my sizzlers. Your awesome. We’re almost there. Never give up never surrender.

So here is my picture for what I do. A little Paranormal gothic goes a long way.. in my dark world.


7 Responses

  1. Great post and great picture. No one should post a hunk on top of your girl until tomorrow when I post Badurday. Stay tuned as it will be Lycanthropy day!

  2. Hi Gothicdweller, We do not limit ourselves on the content of our posts. Remember, our purpose was to share our journey to publication. We are 1/7 of the way there, so we’ve got a ways to go. I think we all made a lot of progress last weekend toward that goal but we had a lot of fun too which is a good secondary goal. A werewolf, sfcatty? Hmmmm! RitaVF

    • Yep. you got it. A tres’ sexy werewolf!

      AND even though our purpose was to share the journey to publication, we will continue to share the journey of life even when we are all published!

  3. Fantastic photo! Stirs the imagination, doesn’t it? As much as our weekend at Silken Sands did!

    Werewolf? And sexy in the same sentence? Oh, but my ears just pricked up!! lol Can’t wait to see! Going ghost hunting tonight, so wish me luck! Maybe I’ll have something cool to report!

  4. Goth, baby, I love the picture. I mean, I don’t play for her team, as Bridget Jones says, but it is definitely a compelling image. Now, go out there and find me a picture of a paranormal boy as schexy as that!!!!

    And I know who SFCatty’s werewolf is, and I can only say, you don’t wanna miss him. Been loving him for years. Can’t say any more, or I’ll say too much!!!

  5. Well, huh! Is that a tone of ‘nanny nanny boo boo’ I detect in your typing, ro’mama? lol

    I’ll be anxiously lurking to see what she posts! As you can see I’m already up and checking! Am I pitiful, or what?

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