A Wetsday Tribute to Friendship

Well, yall, I am old. As my daughter (Little Witch #2) informed me Sunday night, I am now officially eligible for AARP membership. Of course, with two teenagers to put through college, retirement is nothing but a fond dream. But the main point of LW#2’s statement is that I am officially old now.

Still, I have to say that the dreaded birthday was not as hideously horrible as I expected it to be. After all, I was hanging at the Silken Sands, swilling cheap Pinot Grigio with Barbara Vey and my Sizzler homegirls, dancing back-up to “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (despite my broken foot — OUCH!) and hobnobbing with Karen Rose — who could think about silly things like birthdays?

Of course, my dear friend SFCatty had to rat me out and tell everybody at the conference that it was my birthday — complete with Moon Pies (official party food of the Gulf Coast) emblazoned with my RomanceMama avatar. This after I told her to keep the birthday on the down low — I was trying not to think about age, and wrinkles, and grey hair, and saggy thighs, and . . .

But she celebrated my birthday, and I have to say, it was a delight! I cannot thank you enough, my dear friend, and I cannot think of a better way to have reached this milestone than with you, my Sizzlechix, and the Gulf Coast Chapter babes. We are the best!

And to thank SFCatty for my birthday, and for all the many things she has done, I think a little wet Liev Schrieber is called for . . . .
Yummmm. , , , he is a pretty thing, ain’t he?

5 Responses

  1. Having been there and done that years ago, I can promise you that life gets even better. When your darlings are out of college and on their own, you can breathe a sigh of rellief, kick back, and watch them grow into wonderful women responsible for themselves (For the most part.) Your body may be slowing down a bit, girl, but Romancemama rocks!! Enjoy the day.

  2. Aw, happy belated birthday! Moon pies…I haven’t had a Moon Pie in ages! Now I want some *mutter*.

    He is sexy…I thought so even when he played the bad guy in Scream. Of course he doesn’t often play the good guy, does he? Oh well, he’s still schexy.

  3. Thanks my dear friend. Sometimes, as you know, because I tell you, I feel underappreciated. Its good to hear that you (as Sally Field says) like me, really like me!

    On Friday night when you said don’t tell anyone tomorrow about my birthday, I almost choked on my water. The plans were in the works for months.
    AND the good news is, you are STILL older than me.

    Thanks for my Liev. You know I adore him! I should totally post my picture that I had taken with him. He’s cute and sexy and a nice person, too boot!

  4. To my birthday girl.. what a hoot.. When Sherry had the plan underway. Us sizzler chix’s were waist deep conspiring (EVEN MIKE). What a night. I had a blast sizzler sisters.. and I’m still riding on a high that I don’t ever want to lose.

    Barbara Vey has done it again. We’re back on her blog part 2. Woohoo.. Framing history on my end.. Paula

  5. C’mon, Ro’mama! Your birthday was better than a parade! Loved the moonpies! They were the perfect way to celebrate! (Proof of Sherry’s genius! lol)

    I’m just going to sit back and whimper. Everyone is STILL younger than me! Well, a little of the whimpering might be over the yummy post of wet Liev . . . .

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