Badurday March 13, 2010

I feel bad on this Badurday.  Been sick for about five days now and getting really annoyed about it.  Who has time for that?   Anyway, as some of you  know,  in my day job, I’m a lawyer.  This makes me a little bit (okay, a lot) anal about legal shows and movies.  I can’t stand some of them because they are so unrealistic.  But sometimes, I can put aside the  Really? factor and enjoy the show.  One such movie is Double Jeopardy (very flawed legally).  It is a fun movie- after all, who can hate anything with Tommy Lee Jones in it?  Anyway, it came on this week while I was moping about feeling like a slug and I watched it.  The Badurday boy of the day was great.  He has a gift for playing charming and debonair men.  And then, wham, he’s evil.   Really quite the actor.

The first show I remember him doing this was Knots Landing where  he played Pierce.  He was Paige’s boyfriend and for quite a few episodes, he was cute, gentlemanly and hot,  And then, BAM!  Psycho time.   Enjoyed him then, enjoy him now:  Bruce Greenwood.

I also hear he’s been tapped to play Batman.  Wonder how he’ll look in that leather suit?? MMMMMM

One Response

  1. Sorry you’ve been feeling so badly! Hope you recover soon and bounce back to your usual perky self.

    Ahhh! Craggy faced T.L.J.! Yep, there’s just something about that man!

    But Greenwood is an excellent choice for Badurday Bad Boy! Must admit I really admire your taste in men! Keep ’em coming, sfcatty!

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