Lets Hear it for Rejection! (and Wet Gentlemen)

Several people I know recently got into the RWA PRO section. It’s kind of funny that almost everyone announces their PRO status the same way: some variation of “well, I got rejected, so now I have sent in my PRO application.”

And you know what, I have come to see that in a different light. I mean, it hurts each and every time that someone says they don’t like the Duke and Susan, or Cassie and Edward, or my other people. And it is soooooo easy to get discouraged when it seems like everyone you know has a book coming out or just signed with an agent or whatever. But take a step back, people. Look around and recognize that your crit group and your blog buddies and your RWA chapter are a very small, very specialized group of writers. When you start thinking about all the people out there who want to write a book but haven’t and probably never will, you have to recognize that being a PRO doesn’t mean you got rejected. It means you did it. You wrote a booklength manuscript and had the bal– ahem — “intestinal fortitude” to send it out into the cold hard world where you knew the odds were overwhelming that it would not meet with success.

In the massive population that has never even heard of RWA, you stand out head and shoulders above the others. You are an author. You have written a book. Yeah, “prepublished” maybe. But don’t let the rejections and the discouragement let you lose sight of how much you have done.

And, as my priest says, here endeth the lesson. Now let’s talk about Wet Men.

This week I go back to the Island. I am telling you kids, if you haven’t watched Lost yet, you need to. You can watch the current shows on ABC, but they won’t make much sense to a newbie. If you want to catch up on the story from the beginning, it is available online at ABC’s website or instant view from Netflix. The story still won’t make much sense, but you will have a shot at figuring it out.

But the main thing is just to have Lost running in the background with or without sound as eye candy. There are more good looking men on that show than one can count, and they are all either sweating or swimming 98% of the time. Tres wet, and most attractive.

So here is the Island’s favorite Scottish ex-monk ex-soldier with a time/space continuum problem, Desmond Hume (Henry Ian Cusick). Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Okay, are you talking about me again? hehehehe

    The first part of your post was very encouraging. We all have our moments of doubt, so thank you for putting it in perspective.

    The second half: good thing there’s water around or your blog would have burst into flames!

  2. Rejection is hard, but you’re absolutely right. You have written a book. A book! You know the feeling of accomplishment and awe that comes from writing ‘the end’. I admit, every time I do that, I run around shouting DUDDITZ because I did it! If no one ever reads it, that’s fine because I at least attempted it. That’s what we need to take away from rejections. Actually, we shouldn’t even call them ‘rejections’. They should be called ‘fabulous books that reflect an author’s journey to publication’…or something better sounding and shorter. I’ll have to think about that. *hugs*

    Wonderful, wonderful Wetsday man. I don’t watch Lost, but I still approve, lol

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