Badurday March 6, 2010

Although I am a complete history nerd and always have been, I write mostly contemporary romance.  I have several reasons.  One is that I have issues with the way women were treated and held back from their dreams in times past (Yeah.  I know, I should mine those feelings for some kick butt story). The other major reason is pure laziness.  I don’t want the “Historical police” to come after me for using the wrong language for the time (although Sayde would probably say that I should go for it due to my distaste for contractions).  I have written one historical but have been told it’ll never sell because it is based in 1920.  I couldn’t help it. It was a story that had to be told.  But, I digress from the topic of my post.  AND I know you are all saying, this is all well and good, SFCatty, but get with it already.  Where’s the bad boy and why are you telling us all this crap? Ok.  Ok.  Have some patience, I’m telling you all this because you may be shocked at my choice of genre today.

There was a show on BBC America last summer (and season two will be on this summer) that was just a wonderful little six episode show. The name of it is Being Human.  The story is about a vampire named Mitchell, a werewolf named George and a ghost named Annie.   Mitchell is trying to quit his blood addiction cold turkey and George is fighting his werewolf tendencies.  They decide to move into a flat together to try to live as humanly as possible.  The flat they move into is haunted by Annie.  She was murdered there.  She’s thrilled that they can see her.  It is a fun premise.  The funniest part is that the vampire and the werewolf both work in a hospital.  Mitchell is dead sexy (pun intended) and tempted by all the blood in the hospital.  I highly recommend this and you can download it to your I-Pod from

Mitchell is played by Aiden Turner.  A fine Irish lad. He was in an episode of The Tudors and he has a show coming on BBC called Desperate Romantics which I hope will be aired here as well.  Enjoy:

7 Responses

  1. Oh, yes, he is very nice, er, bad.

    And your 1920s story is a great story that needed to be told. To paraphrase how one agent put it this week on twitter, Dont worry about the market for your genre or time period. There will always be an audience for EXCELLENT.

    After all, the biggest historical-romance movie ever was set on a ship just a few years before the period of your story — and Titanic found an audience. (Of course, you and I both would have dumped Sissyboy Leo and had a come-to-Jesus meeting with Billy Zane about his attitude, but it was still a good story.)

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. After all, who wouldn’t like a story set at sea with a hunky Irish Republican Army major set to blow up the ship? No wimpy ice berg in my story! And no wimpy Leo, either

      • Perhaps said hunky major to be played by our Aiden, above?

        SFCatty says: Nope, Aiden’s more along the lines of the antagonist, Devlin. Dark and evil. AND sexy, too but bad news.

  2. I must download this but then i couldn’t watch it as my sound card on the laptop is shit and my mp3 is a little cheap one because the ghost Lois has opened my eyes to keeps frying my expensive ones.

  3. Okay, okay, Jenn! I’ll send you home with some white sage for a cleansing the next meeting! What I REALLY wish you’d let me do is bring the spook squad over and track thing the down! Personally, I think it LIKES you and wants your attention. It knows you’re a romance author and wants its story told! snicker

    Oh, and girls, I’m bringing pics from the last invetigation. I can’t reveal where is was, (privacy clauses) but I can gar-ohn-tee you’re going to love this! It was used as an old Civil War hospital at one point, and I not only got mists when asking for a presence outdoors, I have faces in a window during daylight pics… Dooo-de-doo-doo. Dooo-de-doo-doo (That’s supposed to be the Twilight Zone theme for those of you who don’t recognize it!) laughing

    But before sfcatty BEATS me for foaming at the mouth over inconsequential things rather than her post, Being Human is one of my favorites. Nothing like being slapped in the face by temptation day after day after day. Or night. I love a conflicted and complicated male! And two of the three characters definately meet that requirement! Annie’s the icing!

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