Countdown to Conference Interview Two, Author Cat Johnson’s Cowboys

SAYDE:  Hello everyone. I’m so sorry to be posting this midday but I was sick this morning and still not feeling well so bear with me. Today we have as our guest blogger author Cat Johnson. If you’ve never read any of her erotic romances, get prepared to go get them because they are GREAT. I just can’t say enough wonderful things about the characters Cat  created and brought to life in her books, so I’ll let her tell you more about them.


Here is a confession… I fear I may be a bit of a cougar. This suspicion came to light when I met online and started working closely with a bull rider twenty years my junior who helped me write my cowboy books.
It’s not my fault, really. I mean younger men are hot. Have you looked at them? If so, then you have to agree. Sure, you may have to do things like explain to a younger man who The Who was during the Superbowl halftime show. And maybe they were born during the year you graduated college, putting them firmly in the “yes, I could have birthed him” category. But again, I remind you of the tight stomachs, the stamina (you know, in case you’re jogging with them), and of course, an eagerness to please you just don’t find in older men.

Do my not-so-secret cougar tendencies creep up in my writing? You bet they do. The older heroine/younger bull riders theme in my cowboy threesome Unridden (Studs in Spurs, Book 1) is evidence of that. Also the frequent reappearance in both books 1 and 2 in the series of the young rookie bull rider Chase who likes older women is further testament that although I don’t have the liberty of acting on my cougar nature, I enjoy it immensely in my fantasy world.

Okay, maybe I do flirt a little bit with my cowboy consultant. And yes, I’ll admit the character of Chase is totally based upon my cowboy, who thank God had another birthday. So now, thanks to the wonders of mathematics, is no longer exactly half my age the way he was the year I first met him. But aside from that, I must satisfy my inner cougar with my writing.
Yes, I’m not done with Chase (or my cowboy) yet. There are a few of his personal experiences written into BUCKED which spent its fifth day in the number one slot at MBaM today! And I just this week started writing Chase’s story for Studs in Spurs Book 3. I only hope I can make the fictional cowboy live up to his inspiration. 


SAYDE GRACE:   I’d like to add that my favorite of Cat’s books is Roughstock. I love the blend of emotion and desire she weaved within the characters in that book. All of her books have great emotional depth but for my personal tastes Roughstock is my pick.  But all who read this and leave a comment I will put your name in a drawing and Saturday morning I’ll draw for a winner to recieve a gift certificate to buy one of  Cat’s terrific books. Bucked was just released and after reading it I can say without a doubt she’s done it again! Don’t forget to leave your comments and next week we have agent Joyce Holland from the D4EO Literary Agency as well as author Amber Leigh Williams.

So take a look at Cat’s books and enter to win one!








25 Responses

  1. Oh. My. I love the cover of Bucked. Great interview.

    Sayde- hope you feel better.

  2. Hi Cat! I love your work! Thanks for sharing 😉

  3. I love stories with cowboys in them. Would like to read one of Cat’s books.

  4. Hey, Cat! All I can say is “ride ’em cowgirl”!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hi! Cat, I am new to your work, so I can’t wait to try your stories! I have to laugh about the cougar therory. I was a young mom, so now I have boys in their 20’s and I told them their girlfriends CANNOT be older than their mom! LOL! They joke with me all the time! Have a great weekend!

  6. Hope you feel better, Sayde.

    I haven’t read any of Cat’s books, but they sound interesting. I’m becoming something of a cougar myself…although I prefer wolverine because, well Red Dawn, hello! The cover for Bucked IS pretty fabulicious, gr-owl!

  7. Hey Amber, SFCatty and all!

    Thanks for stopping by to read the guest post by little old me. I am blushing from all the compliments!

    Sayde, thank you for inviting me and so sorry you are sick. And you are in good company with loving Rough Stock best. The paperback hit the #1 spot on Amazon in Canada in Western Romance category, and though Amazon rankings change hourly and there is no recording of them that I know of, I personally saw it up as high as #6 in that category on Amazon US. (That was with Linden Bay Romance before they were purchased by Samhain.)

    I will always have a fond place in my heart for Rough Stock. It was while struggling to get the cowboy details right for that one that I searched for and found my cowboy muse (see above cougar reference! LOL). The rest is history!

    Thanks again all!
    Cat Johnson

  8. Hey Tammy, Jane and Dani.
    Boy you guys are quick. You snuck in with comments while I was typing up mine!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Go Cougars!

  9. Thanks, Cat! Love you cougar attitude! As a mother of three grown sons, it’s a bit of a jolt to be ‘appreciating’ the scenery at the local rodeo, only to look up and find other women–younger AND older–openly lusting after your OWN sons! LOL

    Love your books, and look forward to many more of them!

  10. Hehe..I can’t wait to read Chase’s lady! His story will be a fun one to read, he’s so adorable.

  11. I wondered if your cowboy reads your books and if so what does he say?

  12. Unridden puts all sorts of evil ideas in my head!

  13. wow, totally awesome. I love the cougar attitude. Your covers are hot. great interview.

  14. Hello all! I’m so glad to see new people looking at Cat’s works! I’m telling you all it’s wonderful story telling. And I’ve been waiting for awhile to hear she was writing Chase’s story! He’s adorable. And poor fellow if the women who read his story ever find the “real Chase”, god have mercy on him when those ladies are done 🙂

  15. Hey all.

    Thanks for the comments and cougar support system!

    As far as the cowboy and his reading my stuff… I sent him the full Rough Stock. I’m not sure he’s read it cover to cover. He did (God help me) give the paperback to his mom to read. I can only wonder what she thinks of me now!

    He’s read a lot of the scenes, mostly the bull riding ones because I emailed them to him either during the writing or during edits and asked for fact checking.

    I also emailed him the scene where Chase picks up Jenna in the bar in Unridden. (okay, I didn’t need fact checking on that one, I was just flirting). And the scene where Slade tells Jenna about his first bull ride in Unridden, which was taken pretty much verbatim from when the cowboy told me (on Instant Messenger) about his first ride. I needed him to know I was pretty much quoting our conversation in the book and get permission. He’s also read the free read about Chase, “8 Second Ride”. He got a kick out of it because I named the side character after his best friend in college. (No one is safe from me! LOL)

    I do know he is always there with an “Awesome, Cat!” when I tell him about a new contract, or a new review, or where I am on the best seller list. He is also so supportive when I text him crying over a bad reader review and threatening to quit writing. I love knowing I can text him day or night and he’s there for my silly questions or whatever. I hope he knows exactly how much I appreciate him. Putting him in the dedication is not nearly enough.

    As far as readers finding him…. He’s kinda been outed already when he commented on one of my status updates on Facebook and someone made the connection. He’s good with it. Hell, he’s 23! He loves the attention. Though his grandma is now my FB friend so I have to watch how much I say on there now! LOL.


  16. OMG I want to win them all. I need to just keep the covers to drool over lots!!!!!!!

  17. Cat! So happy to read your post.

    Sayde – feel better soon.

    I love cowboys, everyone of them. You have just hit my TBR pile since I’m always looking for a good cowboy read.

    Love that you’ve got a real to life cowboy at your disposal and that hesupports your cougar-godessness. We all have a mite of that in us.

    Keep up the good work and happy writing. You can’t EVER have enough cowboys!

  18. I hope you are feeling better, I had to work today so couldn’t get on till now I have never read any of Cats book but Id love to read her books just from the look and sound I know I’d love them and I can add another author to my collection

  19. Im sorry you are feeling bad I hope you are better soon, I have never read her books but would love the chance to win one of her books so I can they sound wonderful

  20. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by cat_johnson: Saydegrace & the ladies of Southern Sizzling Romance invited me to talk about cowboys today. There’s a contest!

  21. Thanks, Desiree and Candi!

    Wish I had the cowboy here right now to shovel some of this snow! LOL. Of course, chances are he wouldn’t get overheated enough to take off his shirt while doing it and what fun would that be?


  22. Thanks for the comments, Tena and Shirley.

    And I have to say a huge thank you to my lovely hosts. I am overwhelmed by all the great blog readers here. I would have never had the pleasure of meeting you all if not for Sayde’s gracious invite.

    Thanks so much!

  23. Great interview Cat! I’ll definitely be checking out your work and I think there’s a bit of cougar in all of us!

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