Badurday Birthday Boy (how’s that for alliteration)

Anyone who knows me at all will know I can’t miss this birthday coming up on the 21st.  This man has been my favorite actor for many, many years.  He is so versatile.  So sexy.  Just wonderful.   Today, I’m going to tell you all about some of his more obscure roles.  First is a stage role.  He played Valmont on stage. We all know how bad Valmont was. And I know Romancemama will try to compare Colin Firth’s Valmont with Alan’s and all I can say is they are both fabulous. 


There is a movie called Dark Harbor.  Very dark movie. You think its going in one direction and bam, surprise!  He is bad, really bad. The best thing in this one is his stripping down to his birthday suit (Note to self, watch this on his birthday to see that suit) and diving in the water. He then walks nude to his house.  Very nice thighs and buttocks.   Oh, and those calves… 

Dark Harbor:

The next little film is An Awfully Big Adventure.  Now, if you read the blurb on it, you may think it is a comedy. Nothing could be further from the truth.  My poor dear is a very bad boy in this one, not really knowing it until the end. He thinks he’s bad for sleeping with a young girl but it gets worse.  AND he does a fabulous Captain Hook in the play within the movie.  A must see.    

An Awfully Big Adventure:

And one more:  Closet Land.  There are only two people in this movie.  Alan plays an interrogator and he is absolutely marvelous. Just a stunning performance.   I can’t recommend it enough.  And, he could interrogate me anytime.  I’ll take this bad boy cop any day.

Closet Land:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALAN RICKMAN.  Here’s hoping for many more so we can continue to enjoy your talents.

EDITED to add:  Lost power at my house last night until 9:45 this morning. Sorry to be late.   The pictures in this post didn’t want to line up like I wanted. 

AND remember, we have Megan Records here on Tuesday on our countdown to the Silken Sands Conference on Pensacola Beach and on Thursday, we have a guest blogger, Cat Johnson.  Check back often in the next few weeks as we have a stellar line up.

23 Responses

  1. Oh, but he was at his best worst as the Sheriff in Robin Hood — just turn off the sound when poor Kevin Costner is on screen. He could not compete with the frenzied evility of your birthday boy!!

    A voice like dark chocolate, and those wicked dark eyes — good choice, SFCatty!!!

  2. SfCatty, you and Alan Rickman! I swear you’re as bad as romancemama and Firth! Y’all crack me up!

  3. I’ll thank SaydeGrace not to speak belittlingly of either A Rickman or my darling Colin. You are on thin ice, chica!

  4. Alan…I have to admit, he won me over in Die Hard. So bad, so funny…or was I the only one who got a kick out of him? Hm. Probably not considering he’s such a schexy actor.

  5. I’m not familiar with Valmont–sounds like a major hole in my awarenes. Anyway, anxious to see the interviews that SaydeG scored–WTG, girl. Since we have so many, do we want to delay our blogging days?
    Checking out the calendar to see when to head south. Would like to make the meeting, then stay over for the conference. Rita VF

  6. Rita, girl, you got to watch Valmont. Colin works the whole breeches and cravat thing as only he can. And, SFCatty, Colin may be married, but Alan is living with someone, and she’s a member of Parliament. I think you’re committing like treason or something.

    I vote that we keep doing our regular posts, with exceptions made when necessary for our valued guests. But whatever yall want is peaches with me.

  7. Posting is fine with me. My naked Celt is ready for Monday but if y’all think we need to hold back and keep the others up longer, I’m fine with that. Cindy may be able to announce the interviews in some of her emails to participants and we might attract more attention. Again, whatever is fine with me.
    Must get back to The Aegis, the hottest quickie I’ve done–my vampire of the Light who is JOINING for the first time with His One demands it. RIta VF

  8. Happy Birthday to Alan. I have to mention Quigley Down Under he was soooooo bad in that one.

  9. Umm-hmm. Major boots and breeches action in Quigley. He was uber-sexy in Quigley, but for all time Rickman hotness, nothing beats the British Army uniform in Sense and Sensibility. My idea of heaven is lying under the trees on a chaIse longue, having Major Brandon read sonnets to me. (With Mr. Darcy massaging my feet and Capt. Wentworth feeding me grapes — hey, a girl can dream!)

    • It is COLONEL my dear, not Major. Getting the rank right is a requirement for him to read to you. Too bad you lose!

      • Who the heck cares? I mean come on when Tom Selleck is around no one else matters! Not even FIRTH! HAHAHA, yeah I said it!!!! Now I shall turn my computer off before it explodes with an angry stream of emails 🙂 HAHAHA!!!

  10. Sayde- you poor misguided soul. We’ll pray for you, darling.

  11. Um, Sayde, maybe we can walk into the next meeting back-to-back, like they do in the Marines when entering hostile territory. Selleck has long been one of my favorites, especially in Quigley Down Under! Cowboy AND cool weapon!?! Be still my thumping heart!
    ‘Scuse me. Have to change my panties now! And nope, I didn’t pee them! LOL

    • Runere- You two will be back to back and I’ll be in the corner with my letter opener out to protect me. Selleck really ain’t bad. His only fault in my book is that he’s not British. Alas.

  12. Hey sfcatty! We’d never leave a sister alone in that corner! I’m pretty accurate with an industrial stapler! I’ll distract and you jab if it becomes necessary!

    And he’s an actor, right, Tammy? Learning a British accent could be a real plus for sfcatty and Ro’mama! They could have the best of both worlds!

    But why go wasting breath on talking!?! I like a man who can look you straight in the eye and is fluent in the ‘language’ of love! *cackle!* Dammit! Panties again! LOL

  13. Runere, you’re gonna run out of underwear soon. Might have to wash clothes if you keep thinking about these sizzling hot guys. LOL

    BTW, about to watch The January Man. YUM!!

    • Public announcement: Runere will be doing laundry and will have to miss the next meeting.

      Tammy- Enjoy the movie. Its good. Alan does not have the lead, but Kevin Kline is passable.

  14. OK Selleck fans, Her Alibi is on Elove NOW

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