Moonday Heroic Couple: The Mystery Couple

Hi, I’m Rita and Moondays are mine, so don’t be surprised if my blogging gets a little crazy.  Although my main feature will be Heroic Hunks in History, I write historical and paranormal romance—so who knows where (or when) we will journey or whom (or what) we will meet.

Since it’s a holiday, the Sizzlers are featuring a hot couple of the week. Can you guess who they are?

    The female half of our mystery couple was a diminutive lady, only five feet tall, but she ran five plantations after the death of her first husband. She liked to read the Bible, but she devoured gothic romance novels, too. The beautiful widow was courted by Charles Carter, a well-known and wealthy Virginia planter, who wrote to his brother about what a beauty she was and how he hoped to “arouse a flame in her breast.”

     Charles didn’t, but someone else did—this week’s Heroic Hunk in History.  He stood several inches over six feet and wore his light brown hair in a queue. Born to a family of six children, he was orphaned at eleven. He lacked formal education but was schooled by tutors and well-read. When his mother nixed a naval career, he traveled west to work and eventually served in the military. Our couple was introduced while he was on leave. They met only twice more before he proposed to her three weeks later.

     They were married January 6, 1759. She wore a yellow brocade dress with royal purple silk slippers trimmed with sparkling sequins and silver metallic lace.

     From Fort Cumberland, he wrote, “I embrace the opportunity to send a few words to one whose life is now inseparable from mine. Since that happy hour when we made our pledges to each other, my thoughts have been continually going to you as to another Self.” (Take that,  Sally Fairfax)

     She supported him while he served as a representative in the Virginia House of Burgesses and at the Continental Congresses, as commander in chief of the Continental Army, as President of the Constitutional Convention, and finally, through two terms as President of the United States.

     George Washington called Martha “My dearest.” She called him “My love.”  When George died in 1799, Martha closed the bedroom they shared and never entered it or George’s study again. She destroyed their love letters, then spent her time in a room on the third floor of their estate awaiting death which came in 1802.

Question for Discussion: What could George possibly be whispering to Martha? Hmmmm?
Next week, our Heroic Hunk in History is an awesomely naked Celt.  See ya, then. Rita

10 Responses

  1. Don’t you wish men knew how to communicate in such exquisite formal language in this day and age? If a few of them ever figure out the type of female response it could generate. . . Sigh. A new type or revolution. Women would flock to them like kittens starved for cream.

    Forty years together– I used to think you would run out of things to say to each other after even ten. But after 25 years with the same man I’ve realized it’s the total oppposite.

    The strength of personality she must have had to run five plantations during a time women were dismissed as inconsequential as to the running of anything other than the home is incredible.

    Must have been a side to old George other than the military and political leader others saw for her to involve her life so fully with his. Strength calls to strength, and the romance must have been deep and passionate. He loved his country enough to risk all he was; think how intensly he must have loved his wife.
    Mmmm, shivers.

    • When I was doing the research for this, I was impressed by Martha, also. We all think of her as 90 with that mob cap. I’ll try to add a recent time-regressed image of her based on a miniature her family said was a good likeness of her. Since this was my first attempt at blogging, I didn’t have the technology down. Later, Rita

      I DID IT!! I didn’t even know what a Dashboard was until 1:30 this morning. YES!! R

  2. OMG! He is indeed a historical hunk! It is too easy to think of them only as founding fathers, when all contemporary accounts indicate that they were not just political geniuses but quite studly, as well.

    I too wish that someone would write about arousing my flame!

  3. Good job, Rita. No longer a blogging virgin. You go, girl!

  4. Great job Rita. It made me look at “ole George” in a whole new light!

  5. Hey Rita! Did you notice your name is in blue now, in stead of black? I think it may be because you’ve posted! Ha! No dash board will ever get you down! lol

  6. It’s a thrill to find that our founders were, not only patriots, but real lovers as well. Makes writring romances all the more interesting, knowing there’s a history of romance all around us.
    By the way, did you plan to write this as a way to celebrate our first president’s birthday? If so, you ‘done’ good, real good!

  7. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments. Allison Knight is VERY perceptive. My first hunk was to be the naked Celt but the Washingtons were SO timely that I wrote it up and mentioned at the beginning about the holiday, hoping that some would assume it was Valentine’s Day rather than President’s Day. The pic of the couple was cited as Norman Rockwell but I couldn’t verify it. We’ll visit the naked Celt next week and I promise he something to see. RitaVF

  8. Love the cover Sayde! So proud of you!

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