Badurday Feb 13, 2010

In honor of the winter storm in the South, I have chosen our bad-urday boy to be Michael Keaton.   Yea, he’s a funny guy and we really can’t say he has been bad in too much BUT bear with me. I’ll ‘splain it to you, Lucy, as Desi always said.    This movie depicted here was called Jack Frost.  He was a dead guy that came back as a snowman.  That would be BAD news on a warm day, right?  SO, there is some badness there.

The next shot is him in a jewel of a little movie called Night Shift.   I love this silly, crazy movie.  He and Henry Winkler run the night shift at the morgue. Shelley Long, the hooker with the heart of gold, convinces them to be the pimps for her and her friends when theirs is murdered.  Now, you have not seen BAD, til you see the outfits Michael sports as the pimp.  

When the powers that be announced that Michael Keaton would be playing Batman in the feature film, we all scoffed, incredulous, and said “Michael Keaton? Surely ye jest?”     But guess what chicas, he did it and he was fabulous.   Just the right touch as Bruce Wayne AND as the Bat.  He pulled it off and is still my favorite.    Yep.  He is, so hush!

Beetle Juice was fun.  Again, he rocked the wardrobe there.  Can you imagine that BAD boy in your boudoir?  Shudders–  or should I say Horrors?

Multiplicity was also a particular favorite.  Imagine 5 or 6 of him running around your house.  BAD news, there! 

So, with no further ado, I give you our bad boy, Michael Keaton: 

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