Allison Knight

I PROMISE we are interviewing her and it will be soon if I have to tie Romancemama to a tree and whip her to get it done.  Of course, if I had Jonny Lee Miller tie her up and whip her, she’d have already done it.

See, he already has the rope:

6 Responses

  1. OMG, please don’t say “Jonny Lee Miller”, “tie Romance Mama up” and “whip her” in the same sentence. I can’t take that much excitement! I was already having fantasies of of JLM dressed in breeches and cravat yelling “badly done, Donna, badly done!” at me. (If you didn’t see Emma on PBS Sunday night, trust me, on the fantasy value of this.)

    Am working on the Alison interview tonight, except of course for a break to watch our wetsday boy on tv.

  2. Le sigh…Johnny Lee Miller in period dress…even with a noose around his neck, is just di-vine!!

  3. Hey, girls–

    Can we get together and rescue him? We could kinda play with him afterward, right?


  4. Of course we should rescue him…and keep the rope. You never know when you’ll need a good length of rope for…er, something. *cackle*

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