Rumors on Patience

Hello everyone! First off let me say I’m disappointed to admit I didn’t know last month was Cowboy Lovin’ month over at The Cozy Page(Amber Leigh Williams blog). Man I wish I would have thought about it because you lovely followers would have loved the posts and all the great authors and characters. So even though today is the beginning of a new month why don’t y’all go check it out. You’ll find many authors and books you will enjoy.

Now let’s get down to business:

Rumors on patience. Many of you know I’m waiting on my edits from my editor(yes, MY editor). I’ve heard people fall into three categories regarding patience.

1. Patience is a Virtue- these fine people can wait without fidgeting, whinning, or even caring that they’re waiting.

2. God Give Me Patience- these fine people are trying really hard not to fidget, whine, or care but are still squirming in their chairs.

3. To Hell With Patience, I Want It NOW- enough said.

So does anyone wanna guess what category I’m in?  Tell me how you find patience and keep it.

9 Responses

  1. My guess is…God Give Me Patience?

    I’m afraid I can’t say how to find patience. I haven’t met her yet, lol. No, actually depending on what I’m waiting for. Some things I just let simmer on the back burner in my head and don’t..well, think about them. What you’re waiting on, however…would have me crawling the walls with impatience.

  2. Biblically speaking, “Tribulation worketh patience.” What better warning is needed that patience should be avoided at all costs?!?

    Nope. I’ll pass. Patience is not for me. Don’t want to be tribuled, don’t want to be lationed. But when there’s a time lapse factor involved, I’ve learned it’s best to occupy my mind and self with other things. If you pick out really interesting and attention demanding things it helps. That’s my only suggestion, and I’m sure not promising it works!! laughing

    Hmmm, how about repeating “It will be worth it in the long run!” over and over.

    • Nope, repeating that has NOT worked. Come on think of something else! I depend on you ladies for my entertainment!

  3. third choice is you, for sure! (and me)

    Patience is not in my personal vocabulary. Have no idea what the word even means, It really serves no purpose, does it? I vote it out of the dictionary. Gone.

    • Awww, Sfcatty, you know me too well. Yes I’m a third person for sure! haha, I’ve been bugginh Cynthia Eden all evening with trying to get her to tell me her secrets of patience! No luck so far, she must be a calm person by nature. Man, I’d love to be that way!

  4. Umm, don’t know how to say this, but —
    Anybody who is waiting on word from <> editor does not need to be complaining!!!

    Ok, got that off my chest, and am now terribly sympathetic and all again. But seriously, I am not one to advise anyone on patience. I have absolutely less than none. I would be driving everyone crazy while waiting. Heck, I drive people crazy even tho I’m not waiting on anything in particular.

    But you have to feel good about where you are. And the edits are coming. Take deep breaths and tell yourself you are way ahead of all those poor slobs you hang out with on the Sizzle!!
    We are all so proud of you and can’t wait to come have you sign our books at Barnes and Noble or BAM! Just don’t forget — we knew you when . . , ,

    • LMAO, lady you kill me. I’m driving myself nuts waiting. And it’s only a short story so don’t get all “We knew you when” on me! I’ve already wrote my dedication though and guess what??? My shout out to my sizzlers is already on it!!

  5. Ah, thanks for mentioning Cowboy Lovin’ here on your blog! Although the contest are closed, there posts will remain up for some time so anyone who’s interested came come on over to Cozy and check them out!



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