Badurday Jan 30, 2010

I love to watch the show House.   Mainly because of Hugh Laurie and that yummy Australian dude (of course, I’m not real enamoured of the Aussie’s new haircut- I like him more scruffy).  

Omar Epps is our bad boy this week.  He is an excellent actor and has done quite well with making me hate his character, the arrogant Dr.  Foreman.   He is so over the top with his ego.  He is more full of himself than House. 

A good looking man, he is – and he is a good example of a bad boy in this show-  as far as the character goes, he’d be ok to have around to look at but he’d not be allowed to talk.   So, Dr. Foreman, we shall look at you but not speak to you.


2 Responses

  1. Oh, yessss. Love me some Omar — have ever since he was on ER in the nineties. One fine looking man.

    And as a coming event teaser, wait til you see who’s starring in WetsDay — and yes, he will be wet!!!

  2. A beautiful man with such innate intensity. That level stare from those dark eyes . . . well . . . Shivers!! Can’t help but love to hate his character on House!

    Can’t wait to see what Ro’mama has in store if it carries an early warning! LOL

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