Can it be . . . . Wetsday???

Ok, everybody pick yourself up off the floor. Yes, RoMama has managed to make a timely Wetsday post. Here I sit with my poor broken foot, unable to do anything except browse pictures for our boy of the week. Life is hard.

Seriously, the broken foot thing is a major annoyance. The DDs thought it was fun to be my nursemaid/companion for — oh, let’s call it 45 seconds or so, and then they lost interest. DH has to drive me anywhere I go, which for over a week now has been work and home, plus a couple of doctor visits. Do you know how annoying it is not to even be able to stop by Starbucks in the am????? (He hates coffee and accuses me of deliberately spilling it whenever I have it in his truck.)

Luckily, I have been taking the fabulous Don McNair’s online class, 21 Days to Fog-free Writing, and so the time I am not doing laundry, chauffeuring DD, etc. has been fruitfully spent tightening up the Regency Paranormal WIP. Folks, Don has forgotten more great editing tips than I will ever in my wildest dreams know about. If you ever get a chance to take his class, go for it!

Although, speaking as a lawyer, I have to say it hurts to give up my repetitive phrases like “cease and desist”, “over and above”, and “truthfulness and veracity.” Like I told Don, I spent a lot of time and money learning to write that badly. I was writing a legal memorandum at work today, and I kept wanting to edit it!Unfortunately, some legal ideas have to be expressed in recognised terms or the other lawyers won’t know what you’re talking about! So I had to write phrases like “the scope of the search must be rationally related to a compelling State interest” and “a valid administrative search, as opposed to a law-enforcement search, has a goal beyond the collection of evidence.” SFCatty can tell you, judges don’t understand it if it’s written any other way. And they get testy when they don’t understand things. (Courthouse humor: What’s the difference between God and a Circuit Court Judge? God doesn’t think he’s a judge.)

Other than that, let’s all salute our girl Sayde for her first (of many to come!) publishing contract. And as one of her readers/crit partners, I can tell you that Riding Double is one you will have to read — and have to hide from the kids!

Ok, RoMama, enough babbling. Where’s the hunk? In honor of the BBS Premiere of Masterpiece Classics Emma, let’s enjoy a little of the fascinating Mr. Knightley, Jonny Lee Miller! (Hands down my favorite of La Jolie’s exes, btw.)

P.S. If you didn’t watch Emma last week, it is available streaming online at the PBS website. Major boots-and-breeches action by some of the hottest young Brit actors you’ll see on the small screen. Catch the last installment Sunday night on PBS.

PPS, yes, SFCatty, I know I am a lunatic for thinking Cameron Diaz was playing our Emma — I swear someone tweeted me that! And the chick does resemble CD to a major degree.

PPPS, if ya tweet, follow me, RomanceMama. My husband frequently tells me I am not as funny as I think I am, but I do have witty tweeps, and I retweet their good stuff.


4 Responses

  1. And before anyone feels the need to point it out, I realize the name of the post is “Wetsday” and yet Mr. Miller is indisputably rather dry in these pictures.

    There is an perfectly valid explanation for this seeming anomaly, but being a lady, I prefer not to go there.

  2. Oh please go there! LOL, PLEASE. Thanks for the support lady. The editor has two more of my mss so fingers crossed. Maybe I can get a few more short stories done. 🙂 Thanks and love the pics

  3. Sorry I didn’t get to call you yesterday but I had people in my office ALL day straightening out my computer issues. Got new laptop and when I got ready to reboot, found out they had changed my log on password AND DIDN”T TELL ME WHAT IT WAS!!!!!

    So, I needed to see a hunky dude in breeches.

  4. Oh he’s delicious…have you ever seen Plunkett & MacLean? He’s di-vine in that. I’m drooling, sorry.

    As for your foot, I’ve fractured an ankle and tried to be self-sufficient in spite of it. Yeah, that so works. Showers? Please! Going up and down steps? Are you kidding me? You have my utmost sympathy, m’dear.

    The only thing that will make it feel better is for you to look for more schexy men whilst sipping a refreshing Starbucks coffee. I’m sure your doctor would recommend the same!

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