Riding Double

Hello everyone! I hope you all like the title of this post because it is also the title of my newly contracted short story! That’s right, you heard me I just mailed my contract off and will begin editor revisions soon. Most of you will remember at Christmas I had just received an email from one editor who liked the book I’d queried her with but honestly thought it’d be better as an erotic short story than take the non-erotic elements and use it as a mainstream romance. I balked at first but after really considering my options(others had also wanted revisions) I decided to make two books out of one. More work yes, better outcome? YES.

So now I’ve sent my contract back to The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Rose and look forward to giving you all a release date soon. Thank you soooooo much to all my sizzlers. You ladies are the best and I can’t wait to see you all in Feb to talk it all over. Get prepared to listen 🙂

A picture to entice you to read my book:


6 Responses

  1. We’re going to the SUPERBOWL, and JENN is getting PUBLISH>> JANUARY ROCKS!!!!!!! WOOOhooooooo.. Go Jenn I’m so proud of you.. Awesome news, what a way to start out a MONDAY!!!!

  2. I’ll admit it…I saw the title ‘Riding Double’ and was like, I so have to see what THAT’S about! This is so awesome!! I’m with Gothicdweller, Superbowl, Publishing news…great way to start the week!

    Geaux Saints!!

  3. OmG, Jenn! I am so proud of you! And it feels good to say “I told you so!” This is one old woman indulging in a happy dance for you! laughing (Block all mental images except for the excitement. Don’t want to wreck the mood!!!) Can’t wait to hear everything.

    Lessez les bon temps roulez!! Saints over the Colts in Miami!!!

  4. TOLD YA! Congrats my friend, you’re on your way and no one deserves it more. Love ya and can’t wait to get my hands on you to hug you to pieces.

    AND the cowboy is cute but he has on too many clothes!

  5. You know how I feel about this news — total mind-numbing jealousy!
    No, seriously – you have worked so hard and done so much that no one deserves this more than you!

  6. Thanks for the Cowboys. Loving them. Can’t wait to read your stuff. CONGRATS on the contract. I am sooooo thrilled for you. I know you’ve worked hard you deserve it. YAAAAYYYY For you.

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