Bad-urday Jan 23, 2010

So, I have had MAJOR and I mean MAJOR computer issues this week and I should have a new one with all my old stuff installed on it on Tuesday.  This is why I’m late with Bad-urday.  No computer access.   

Today’s bad  boy is Gil Bellows.  You may remember him from Ally McBeal.  He was her lost love and the first season or two, he was sweet and kind.  Then, it got weird,  at one point, he had a group of women following him around like the Robert Palmer girls.  I got a little peeved at the direction the show went with that.  He got increasingly strange.   That qualifies him as a bad boy.

There is a movie called Judas Kiss which takes place in New Orleans and Gil is a kidnapper (he kidnaps Greg Wise- another Bad-urday boy.)  He is deliciously evil in it.  Check it out if you get a chance.


2 Responses

  1. I feel your pain. My relationship with my computers is definitely a love/hate one. At last count I’ve managed to buy 14. My first computer was an IBM and it gave me problems, even though I couldn’t do much with it. I should have taken a hint and stuck with a typewriter. And, yeah!, this was years ago. Giving away my age here, but I’ve been around since the beginning – of computers.


  2. Echoing Allison! Ha! When I took computer programming in H.S. you had to use pin boards to plug into the mainfraim after figuring the equations out long-hand! laughing Computers have come a long way. However, I have not. When I encounter a problem I still have to call a 12 year old for help!

    Love your choice of men there, sfcatty!

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