For the Historical fan

Watched Byron this weekend starring Jonny Lee Miller and it was a wonderful movie (mostly due to him in costume and out of costume).  I recommend it for those of you that love period pieces.

2 Responses

  1. Oh, yeah, love that Jonny Lee! The BBC has done a new version of Emma with Cameron Diaz in the title role and Jonny Lee as Mr. Knightley. It airs in the US on 1/24/10.
    Now, admittedly, Ms. Diaz is what our dear Bridget Jones referred to so accurately as “an American stick insect” — but Jonny Lee Miller fills out his boots and breeches so well that you’ll be able to ignore her.

  2. It is not Cameron Diaz- it is Romala Garai. She just has a look of Diaz about her- its available on DVD Feb 9

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