Bad-urday Jan 16, 2010

So, on the Friday, January 15, I watched The Crush  and it reminded me of a bad boy we haven’t had the fun of seeing as yet.   He has a shower scene in that movie and we get a glimpse of his cute derriere when he gets out.  Alicia Silverstone was quite creepy in this movie.   He was hitting on jail bait but she was weird, too. When she says “making lemonade”  while she  is lacerating lemons with a huge knife, she is just eerie.

Can anyone forget how cute he was in The Princess Bride and how good he looked in tights in Robin Hood, Men in Tights?  Silly movies but nice on the eyes.    (and yes, I know these are both from Princess Bride)

And he was deliciously cute as the hugely competitive Jonas in the movie Twister–  again, I always gravitate to the bad guy in the movies.  A character flaw perhaps?  Was anyone else even slightly sad when his nice black SUV went into the twister? 

And since some of our readers are suckers for men in uniform:  Here ya go:

I give you the incomparable CARY ELWES

One Response

  1. Oh, yeah, got to have some Elwes! He was deliciously evil in Ella Enchanted, where you also got some Hugh Dancy eye-candy.

    Cary is totally hot — and as he said in Men in Tights:
    “Unilke some actors, [he] can speak with an English accent!”

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